Kaichou Wa Maid-sama A Reflection of Love in Asia Society

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama is without a doubt one of my favourite animes of 2010. The romantic development of the 2 lead character Usui and Misaki is really engaging.

For the uninitiated,  Misaki is the High School Student Council President with a fiery temper and most of all, hate boys (cos the high school is previously an all boys school with a bad reputation and also her father ran away from home when she was young due to debts).  So it’s very interesting seeing how the cool, calm, and collected Usui slowly work his charm every week over Misaki who isn’t very fond of boys let alone fall in love with one.

Noteworthy, Usui does this effortlessly without coming as trying too hard. That’s because Usui understands Misaki well, her background, her determination to provide for her family, her zeal to fight for what’s right and stand up for her friends.

To top it off, despite his protectiveness over Misaki, Usui constantly tease Misaki as well. But instead of disliking him, Misaki became even more confused over her feeling for him. Though it’s obvious that the feeling is mutual, she didn’t make known of her feelings to him.

So the ambiguous feelings for eachother mentioned above is what going on in each episode played out in different scenarios every week. Yes it’s such a joy to watch.

As the anime progresses, I can’t help but ponder that this series is a very realistic reflection of love in Asia society.

Asians are typically more reserved. We don’t usually open up our feelings to one another thus wooing an Asian girl takes much more effort. Yes the usual sweet talking, buying gifts, showing how GAR you are works on certain Asian girls but if you chance upon a real life tsundere, you must in the example of Usui, do your homework and work your charm slowly over her.

Trying too hard won’t work. She will just find you to be annoying at best. Not all girls like the things you buy for her, it will probably end up as junk she has to get rid of eventually. Finding her soft spot and working towards that direction is an better idea.

Many times, we are caught between the stage in a friend/relationship which I call 友达以上, 恋人未满 which means the relationship is more than friends but not yet lovers. This is an awkward, uneasy and maybe somehow embarrassing stage of friendship before it turns into a love relationship which is what Usui and Misaki are currently now in.

Do you find yourself in such situation? Where you are either here or there with the person you have a crush on? Or have ever try hard to win her over but she doesn’t return her feeling?


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10 Responses to Kaichou Wa Maid-sama A Reflection of Love in Asia Society

  1. Hexlord says:

    *nods in agreement*

  2. if we don’t try, we won’t get laid ever!

  3. sbhboi says:

    Well, in my case, I did quite hard, & I win her heart. =D

    Anyway, this anime is catching my gf’s attention since #01, note that how anxious she would be yesterday’s episode #21. (downloaded ^^”) But then I also look forward for both of them like in the ED trailer though.

  4. chun says:

    sometimes after knowing a crush more, the crush feelings fades off 😛

  5. Reltair says:

    I need to start watching again, maybe I’ll just wait until it’s done airing.

  6. Chappy says:

    My fav of the season as well! o>.<o
    Each character of the series is just so cute, even the san baka team. XD

  7. Stargazer says:

    The next time Ill fall in love …

    It would be to a guys that would be pat my head like usui does to ayuzawa

    ** Stargazer/Proximacentauri

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