Matching Pair

Over here is a screenshot of actress Elisha Cuthbert taking off her clothes in the movie “The Girl Next Door“. No this post isn’t about the movie or is it about the lovely Elisha Cuthbert. It’s about something else.

It’s about why girls don’t always wear matching underwear and bra. It seems to be a guy’s fantasy that girls wear matching underwear. Matching here meaning the underwear and bra is a set, same style same colour.

This can be contributed to many reasons. I am not an expert on this but I will like to guess that it’s due to rate of wear and tear thus replacing only what needs to be replaced. For example, if one needs a new bra, one just get a bra. One don’t usually get a matching set of bra/underwear or else one will have too many spare underwear. Same goes for underwear, need underwear get underwear, get a set and one will end up with too many bras.

So with this theory, that is probably why girls choose to wear mismatching sets? All are welcomed to prove me wrong with better reasoning.

On a side note, forget what I said in the first paragraph. Lets talk a bit about the movie and about Elisha Cuthbert. “The Girl Next Door” is Elisha Cuthbert’s first lead role in a movie. She also stared in The House of Wax and has a prominent role in the TV series 24.

The Girl Next Door is her best known movie. it’s a porn star movie marketed as a teen comedy.

There was this awesome 4mins clip on YouTube that sums up all the best scenes in the movie namely, namely Elisha Cuthbert  undressing, getting wet and all the suggestive but tastefully done bits but fortunately I can’t find it anymore so you will just have to make do with this trailer. you can still find the naughty bits by searching the Internet, it aren’t that hard. ^^;


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14 Responses to Matching Pair

  1. agito says:

    because this so called “mix-n-match”? or maybe “creativity”? XD

  2. Penguin says:

    matching underwear are usually a teeny bit expensive. 😛

  3. Mika says:

    Girls usually own 4-5 bras. However, the amount of underwear that they own is much larger. Underwear can be bought in bulk at lower prices, while nicer, comfortable bras with designs are usually priced at 20-30 USD depending on where they’re bought.

    Also, it comes down to practicality. Bras can be worn a couple times before needing to be washed. Underwear on the other hand are usually tossed into the laundry whenever a girl takes a shower or bath.

    • really? a girl will wear their bra multiple times before wash?

      • Mika says:

        I live in the Northeast coast of the United States so our weather ranges from very cold to temperate to scorchingly humid. Of course, when the weather is hot and sticky and involves going around and about in the sun, girls will most likely toss their bras in the wash after one day of wear. In colder weather, a girl may not even break a sweat. Also, some girls may wear their bras only when they go out (which may be only for a few hours), then take them off at home.

        It’s just a cleanliness issue that’s dependent on how much activity a person does. ^^;

  4. Chris says:

    Shouldn’t the logic reason be: Why should they care about a matching set while undergarments are not meant to be shown anyway? That is why bikini is created.

  5. Tim H. says:

    I think the reason guys dig it so much that a set matches is because one of many reasons… But personally I think this is why:

    1. They match, so she figured at some point he would be seeing them.

    2. They match, so they were bought especially for this occasion.

    But then, it depends on the size and type of the underwear in question. It doesn’t matter if it’s all skimpy and is clean! 🙂

  6. Kairu90 says:

    Personally speaking I actually prefer non-matching underwear and bras.

  7. Buggery says:

    A bit off topic here but “The Girl Next Door” is soooo not a porn movie.

    For starters, it has not boob shots or ass shots. Well nothing revealing anyway. I’ll even go to say it’s Safe for Work!

  8. DayDreamer says:


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