Bet most of you know what a stick-man is. But how about stickgal?

Stickgal is the alter ego of a young Singaporean lass who blogs about herself in the form of comic strip since 2005.

Check out her blog here. She has stopped blogging/drawing since last year but do check out her archive of drawings on her blog nevertheless. It’s very entertaining and I think most especially Singaporeans can relate to the slice of life and love/heartbreak element.

Not long ago, she compiled selected entries from her blog and published it into a book. It is now available in Kinokuniya, Borders, MPH, Harris, and Popular bookshop for S$12.90. For those living in Singapore/Malaysia, you may also order the book online at her blog. Just pay an additional $1 for postage. $2 for Malaysia. For other countries, please e-mail her to see if she will ship them overseas.

I even got her to autograph on my copy. Yay! =)

Join her Facebook page here.


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2 Responses to Stickgal

  1. mervyn says:

    I think she’s an air stewardess. Stopped after she found true love.

    • Hey Mervyn, no time never see u here. Ya she was a air stewardess and still am if I’m not wrong, with another company I think.

      So you are a fan too? Got buy a copy? ^^;

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