Samurai Sword Umbrella

Got this incredibly cool Samurai sword umbrella from Jlist. I knew I certainly must get one when I found out about it from Jlist’s twitter. It’s just too awesome!

Getting one is easy. Just go here. But choosing a design is tough unless you are getting all of them. Which I most definitely will if I have the money!

So after looking through the various designs available I decide to go for the Shinsengumi 新選組 one as it is the most relevant to me.

Here’s a brief history. The Shinsengumi (新選組) which means “newly selected/chosen corps” were a Special Police Force of the late shogunate period.

They are easily identified by their light blue with white mountain stripes on the sleeves Haori (羽織), a hip or thigh-length kimono-like jacket with the kanji character 誠 (makoto) which means Honesty, the group’s slogan on the back.

The light blue colour scheme, white mountain stripes, 新選組 and 誠 character can be found on the umbrella which is so very cool.

So how is all this relevant to me? 新選組 is a Special Police Force as mentioned earlier right? I am a Sandtrooper in the 501st Legion. I also belong to an all Sandtrooper detachment known as the Mos Eisley Police Department aka the MEPD where we identify ourselves as Police Officers guarding the town of Mos Eisley in the first original Star Wars trilogy A New Hope. Relevant connection right?

Another cool thing about the Sumurai umbrella is that it is cool to carry around even if it is not raining. Take for example it is raining in the morning. You take your umbrella to work. But later in the afternoon, the weather is sunny and nice and you will look freaking strange carrying an umbrella around from the morning. But none of this embarrassment will happen if you have a Samurai sword umbrella! ^^;

When I hang it on my back while out in town, curious people will take a second look or ask me is that a sword or have I came from a cosplay event etc. Ya I’m so nerd but it’s so cool! ^^;

Was trooping at a birthday party yesterday and got this lovely ojouchan who came dressed in kimono to model the umbrella for me. Very nice desu. ^^;


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12 Responses to Samurai Sword Umbrella

  1. Vincent Cho says:

    oh man.. u are really cool! >.<

  2. YuKi-To says:

    ShinSandgumi… nice

  3. WC says:

    I went for the Sanada style one.

    The first time I brought it to work, everyone was like ‘Why are you!?’ and then I showed them it was an umbrella. The reactions were awesome.

  4. Kimono ojouchan says:

    i see me…

  5. phossil says:

    There is also a Saber’s sword umbrella. ^^

  6. speedknight says:

    Excalibur(saber’s sword) umbrella

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