Who Sank the Ship?

OK I admit it. It was me. I sank the ship. 好啦。我承认。船是我沉的。


About sergeant gordon

TD8316, proud member of the 501st Legion 銀河帝国五〇一軍团。 Loves anime, Sasara, photography and looking for droids, pretty ones.
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8 Responses to Who Sank the Ship?

  1. Stifler says:

    Under the sea~~ Under the sea~~

  2. aiM says:

    It ain’t sunk yet, there’s still one more slot to be fired at.

  3. Jun (i-pup) says:

    Wow thats one game that i havent touched for ages O_O

  4. Zu says:

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    Thank you.


  5. Jun Wong says:

    From the picture, I concur that’s three shots on the poor marine…

    One shot from U-Ass, Second shot from North Coke-Real, and third shot… last shot, but not the least, is from Chip-Na.
    Then, this is juz a random ASSumption, and please do (not) take it too seriously 😛

    Lastly, may those patriots rest in peace, and bestow strength for their loved ones to go thru the pain of the loss…

  6. phossil says:

    Were playing against yourself?

  7. Z says:

    I suck at this game!

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