The Death of Blogging

I don’t lie. Facebook and Twitter has literally killed Blogging.

Before Facebook/Twitter, everyone has a blog and will post whatever nonsense imaginable. The process of writing a blog post could means hours spent writing long winded post that nobody will read, or uploading large chunk of cam-whore pics on the mirror. Btw self-taken mirror pics are fine only if you wipe the mirror clean and turn off the flash.

Anyway all this self updates can be done within seconds on Facebook/Twitter. People finally starts to realize nobody reads long winded posts unless it is really worth reading. Short timely message gets the message across fast and save lots of time. And it can be done easily on the go on your mobile.

With blogs, whatever you post is useless if nobody reads it. On Facebook/Twitter, there is a so much higher chance that whatever crap you post will be read. Since it will automatically shows up on your friends’ wall. Want to make sure whoever you want to show know that you just posted something? Just tag them! People usually read whatever they are tagged in.

The only downside is that I notice more and more photographers using only Facebook to upload their photos. This is just sad cos lets face it, Facebook is the worst platform to present your photos. It disintegrate the photo quality you know it to be true. But I must admit, tagging can be fun for some people and this ensure that the photos be seemed by whoever tagged. Yes even unglam pics of you can be shared within a blink.

Yes blogging is dead. I find myself lazy to blog and only do so once a week now. Damn you Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway these series of photos are totally unrelated and are entries I posted up at Go there to read the captions.


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36 Responses to The Death of Blogging

  1. daymien says:

    I feel sad for blogs, they are like facing extinction soon…

  2. Q says:

    Um, you really think so? Sure, facebook and twitter got really popular these days, and perhaps overshadowing blogging due to their ease of use and convenience, but I am sure that blogging still has its own charm there. For one bloggers can still enjoy a bit of anonymity on the Internet, unlike the social-encouraging facebook, and that any potential information or posts will still remain rather than get buried away by tons of status updates etc.

    I remember a Hongkonger blogged about his doubt on whether twitter really is useful or not, and he felt that it’s simply not his kind of thing afterall. Lots of oldschoolers seem to agree with him as well, so I’d say that perhaps people who are more attached to non-Western culture will still like the old ways of blogging rather than the new stuff. You can have a read here if you want:

    As for me, facebook never did much for me, and I only add real friends there (no people from the Internet whenever possible), and I’ve joined twitter because a friend of mine wants me to mess around with him. For me these two places are more for me to be nosy about how other people are doing, but for good info sharing etc I will say I will stick with blogging for now. I am currently busy with things for this month, but hopefully will be more available from this summer onwards.

    So, what will YOU do about the current situation? Stick with tweitter and facebook and let it be or going back to blogging more actively? Maybe I share different thouhgts and perspective about these services so I just want to comment about it from my humble point of view.

  3. sbhboi says:

    I won’t say facebook gonna take over blogging since, it’s our own private place to post & share with others, while in facebook, it’s easier to just post what’s in your mind, not to forget those addicting flash games lolz. ^^”

  4. Michael says:

    I’m glad that I have still retained views due to posts on Code Geass I have made in the past, but you’re right, not as many people like to read lengthy posts.

    I’m an old-school guy, though, so I keep writing the way I normally know. I don’t even have FB or Twitter as I believe in friendships that are real and not virtual. Nevertheless it has reduced the gap among people, so despite its disadvantages it also has its positive sides.

  5. TP says:

    Unfortunately, I have since quit Facebook, and am planning on removing my Twitter account soon.

    The reason for getting rid of the social media phenomenon from my e-lifestyles are as follows:

    1. Facebook has not been consistent in their privacy controls. Sure, I can delete my account, but the fact that they still “retain” my data, and my relationships with contacts on Facebook, means that my data isn’t completely removed from the servers. They can still mine the data for all they care.

    2. There are too many distractions in both environs, and when you’re vying for attention from so many contacts, there’s a higher chance that your posts will get bogged down into oblivion. To counter that, you must have literally hundreds of followers in order to garner a decent amount of attention to whatever you’re posting.

    3. Blogging is still a permanent edifice to your thoughts and opinion pieces. Rergardless of how good/bad this looks like, you still get a steady stream of followers reading your blog, now, or in the future.

    4. In a follow-up to #2, trying to follow as many replies/tweets as possible is something that I’d rather get from a feedreader than Twitter/Facebook. Granted, you get juicy bits of info from both social networks, but I say, whatever comes out of Twitter, will eventually be edificed in a blog post.

    5. Simply put, I quit Twitter/Facebook simply because, I can.

  6. speedknight says:

    As for me i combined everything,
    I have a Fan page of my site(blog) on facebook so that i can link the both together,whenever there is a update i will post it on the fan page to attract people attention.
    As for photos i found this nifty web application online called Flickr to facebook which really helps buy uploading your selected photos to facebook just my a few simple clicks so both sides will
    have similar content,Flickr offers the hi-res pcitures,FB will have the tagging feature so that they are abole to tagged themselves =)

  7. TheAndySan says:

    I treat Facebook and Twitter (among other sites) as extensions of my blog so I think it would be pointless to stop blogging in order to focus solely on them.

    That’s not to say I haven’t been influenced by their short-and-sweet style. I’ve noticed that both my posts and my videos are getting shorter, which makes them more accessible to today’s audience. Ironically, my most viewed video with 6,000+ views (called The Funniest Two Seconds Of Your Life) was done as a stab to extremely short videos.

  8. I think a lot of people are in agreement to disagree with your statement. Perhaps it’s a generalization you saw somewhere. I was on Facebook a lot back then. I uploaded all my convention pictures there and all my figures, but I didn’t feel like I had control over them and they’ve long been forgotten. Once I started to blog, Facebook became lost in my regular routine. Perhaps it depends on which platform you started with. I think it was the uploading system on Facebook that really pissed me off and then they rename it to something else. It was too much of a pain. In my opinion, blog offers more of that control plus I think that it’s easier for your post to be found through web search on a blog than on Facebook or Twitter. Of course it’s not like readers will be found just from Google search and image search, but that’s how exposure works. Only a little at first, but even just a little is satisfactory for me. Yes, it’s frustrating for what you wrote not to be read, but information is better than nothing.

    As for Twitter in general, it’s nice to use it just for short text and picture instead of wasting a post on a blog. If it’s on my blog I’d prefer that I make an effort in it, instead of something so simplistic.

    Oh and I also strive to do many unique posts which is why I don’t do a lot of anime episode summaries or reviews because other blogs are doing that already.

    • I concur with u on the original content part. That is in my opinion what makes one’s blog unique.

      There’s just too many anime reviews, figure/merchandise blogs out there where the things they talk about are most or less about the same, very general.

      Unless the reviews are written in a way that showcase your personality and generate interest to read, I’m afraid it will be very hard to stand out.

      Not to mention such posts takes hours to read and prepare as well.

  9. John says:

    in simple words – Twitter & Facebook wont take over blogging RAWRRRR

  10. paris says:

    continue blogging,that’s great work

  11. phossil says:

    The same thing happened with forums. Blogger killed them.

    • So true my friend, years ago I quit forums and moved on to blogging. it really changed my life and I get to know so many comrades from around the world.

  12. Fabrice says:

    yes dam you facebook and twitter =/

    anyway great room!
    very nice ^^

  13. Blowfish says:

    Im in the same boat as Q.
    I do think that both services serve a different purpose and I wouldnt post things on Twitter thatd Id post on my blog.

    The same thing goes for social Networking sites.I rarely use them and then to stay in Contact with real people instead of my internet buddies.

    Furthermore services like Twitter are a more here and now thing to mess around with while my blogposts are made to stay avaiable and hopefully provide Information even after its initial peak time.

    I do post less regularly these days but thats rather due to me beeing lazy after work recently and has nothing to do with other services.

    Twitter might be a threat to those short self centered blogs that prefer to show themselves off but imho thats not a loss if they die ^^;

  14. RyoBase says:

    Well, things have changed. But that doesn’t mean bloging will be true gone forever. Everything serves different purpose. I’m sure you can see that for yourself.

  15. LEon says:

    Facebook and twitter is a good platform to put short messages but the content as a whole is still blog. I agree facebook is never a place to put your content as the control isn’t yours to keep I’m afraid.

    BTW you are in the SGBLOG award so make sure your blog don’t die until you get your award ya? LOL

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  17. First thing first, a big thank you for the comments. Nice to hear your views and great discussion.

    I am not surprised most of you are still supportive of blogging, afterall you all bloggers and thus you are here. It’ll be interesting to hear the views of the many ex-bloggers who got converted to Facebook/Twitter. I shall not name them to protect their privacy but I am sure you will probably already know many of them who fits this description.

    I find this a natural progress for some who converted to FB/Twitter. Unless your blog is read by thousands everyday, blogging in this case is still relevant as you are still attracting a wide audience.

    But unfortunately most blogs in general, not just anime/otaku blogs, are usually read by friends. At least that’s the case in Singapore. Most of their content is personal and might not appeal to overseas. So I guess it’s only natural for these group of people to go over to Facebook.

    As for me, I’ll still be around, blogging, though less frequently as Facebook/Twitter continue to torment my life.

  18. Reltair says:

    Meh, I’m not really into Facebook and I don’t agree with some of their policies, so I don’t see blogging going away anytime soon.

    Nice photoshoot station by the way. ^^

  19. AK says:

    Tis the sad truth. I started out on the Internets browsing forums, then when I started my blog my interest in forums died out. Then, being the lazy boy I am, I began to find the blogging process tedious, with very little to be gained. When Facebook rolled out, apps and everything, it almost completely killed my interest in blogging altogether.

    I’m 2 or 3 years into Facebook now, and I no longer blog any more, having vanished from the scene leaving behind nothing but empty promises. Time really does alter a lot of plans for the future, doesn’t it?

  20. u keep on using the word “busy people”. if there is some misunderstanding, it’s better to clear it up instead of beating around the bush. no one is blaming u for anything so don’t anyhow jump to conclusion. all this is just making people clueless as to what is on your mind.

    • TheAndySan says:

      I think what Arayden/User66b/DaimaouX (pick a username already lol!) means by “busy people” is people who just put stuff up on Facebook and Twitter and don’t care to respond to anyone who might comment back or leave them a message because they’re “too busy”.

      Just my two cents though.

      • yes it is only polite to comment back to questions but if the authour didn’t sees it, we can’t blame him can we? Sometimes people are unhappy that their comment didn’t get a response and assume the author is ignoring them which is not the case.

        actually all this is trivial and seriously shouldn’t make a big fuss out of it.

  21. TheFuzzy says:

    It’s also the truth for me too, sorta. Thanks to Twitter, I rarely post personal stuff on my own blog; it’s almost all news posts for me. ;_;

    I’m trying to start posting personal stuff again, though I won’t have much time before NS kicks in.

  22. Jun (i-pup) says:

    Ok after what sgt gordon had post, Im gonna start my own blog too. ^^
    I dont have facebook but only twitter which i can tweet whenever im not infront of comp.

    I still feel blogging is the best way to spread message across. Never really use facebook before so cant comment much on it. The reason not to use cause i see my friends everyday spent hour to clear personal list(who to add or remove).

    As for twitter, it just way to update status for me =D

  23. Ex-blogger TRM says:

    No, blogging isn’t killed by facebook or Twitter, it’s killed by the owner of the blog.

    I have so-called quit blogging due to army and find little time outside during my off days. And there seems to be problems with my web hosts. Therefore, I stopped blogging, not quit.

    And regarding fb and Twitter, instead of using them too often, I used them for different reasons. 1) facebook for keeping in touch with my real life friends.
    2) Twitter for sources and informations on stuffs that I like. I mean, instead of following “people” on twitter, why not follow sites that provides information that u like? Everyone follows mika-tan of GSC. She gives reviews and sneaks of figures. I follow my idols to know their daily lifes, sounds like stalking I know, lol. And there’s some jpop news sites that I follow. Through them, I know what’s on tv and news of JPop and japan.

    And instead of killing blogging, you can also use these two social networks to post links to ur long-winded blog posts to let them read, which obviously you have being doing.

    Lastly, blogs are like diarires of your life, like dannychoo. Lessons for others to learn and to share.

    I end me long winded comment. Thx. And I’ll be back just that one day lah.. Lol.

    • Ex-blogger TRM says:

      One more thing, some information gathered from sites and sources can be used as blog posts too. ^_~

  24. SimonSayzHigh says:

    Nice mouse pad lolz.
    I agree with most of the assumptions, but blogs with multiple members usually are daily updated and can survive better without online social networks.

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