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I believe most would have watched the 2 biggest summer movies by now so no worries of any spoilers. More yada yada after the jump.

It was East versus West in a clash of the blockbusters last week, a showdown between 2 extraordinary men whose movies shares 2 distinctive similarities. Both are sequels and both have Man in the title. So who emerges as the better man? (Reminds me of the Robin Williams’ song, shame it wasn’t used in either movies).

Iron Man 2

I could have swear that the movie’s main sponsor is a certain high profile battery company simply because the whole movie is about Tony Stark building a new battery to replace the old one which is used to power the arc reactor in his chest, which for the uninitialized, is explained in the first movie. Go get the DVD or Bluray.

The first movie was awesome, thus expectations were higher for the sequel. I find it rather lacking, I much prefer the first one.

Firstly, the new characters (or same character, different actor) disappoint. Scarlet Johhanson, Don Cheadle and Mickey Rourke’s roles doesn’t leave an impression. They are excellent actors don’t get me wrong, all 3 have been nominated at awards for their acting chops. It’s just that unfortunately in Iron Man 2, they just restricted by the poor script and lack of screen time. Although Scarlet Johhanson looks mighty fine in tight office attire I must admit.

Anyway, there is a scene of Tony Stark partying in his mansion wearing the Iron Man suit. He got drunk, did stupid things, talked silly and made a mess by getting into a fight with the war machine guy. Now this just aren’t right. This just totally ruined Iron Man’s image as a cool badass. Reason is simple, fans expect Iron Man in amrour form to do cool stuffs, beat up the bad guys, save the day. Like the Afghanistan battle scene in the first movie and not making a fool out of himself in armour.

Lastly the villain is lame, no not Mickey Rourke, I’m referring to Justin Hammer, the rival industrialist. In the entire movie he just seems like an envious second fiddle jealous of Tony’s success. Or maybe it’s because Jeff Bridges is such a good actor playing the villain in the first movie that it’s hard for anyone to match his standards.

Speaking of villains, those who read the comics will know most of Iron Man’s adversaries aren’t exactly cool. In fact they will look pretty stupid if translated into the real world. For example the Mandarin, archenemy of Iron Man. The name alone sounds uninspired.

Lets wait and see what Iron Man 3 has in store.

Ip Man 2

Ip Man is the name of the martial arts master who is more commonly known as the one who taught martial arts movie star Bruce Lee kung fu. For those wondering what is with the weird name Ip Man? That’s the Cantonese dialect spelling.

This is a biopic and like all biopics it is loosely based on his actual life. Lets face it, a person’s life is boring, regardless of how famous one is. The movie markers got to add random stuff to make it more interesting. Unlike a memoir, where every aspect of one’s life is depicted accurately to facts, people expect a movie adaption to be fast paced and action packed. So that means adding in a villain where the 2 of them will showdown at the end. Ya you get the idea.

Ip Man with Bruce Lee

In the first movie, Ip man escapes to Hong Kong because of the Japanese occupation of China. But the truth is, Ip man is a Kuomintang member and is escaping from the communist party. In the movie, Donnie Yen played Ip Man like an upright family man who teaches kung fu in Hong Kong to earn money to support his family. In actual fact, Ip Man was an opium smoker and the money he earned was used to feed his addiction. Of course this wasn’t in the movie for obvious reasons.


So between the two, who is the better man?

According to local box office receipts, Iron Man 2 won nearly S$1 million more in tickets than Ip Man 2. Not surprising since Hollywood movies has bigger appeal and wider audiences than a Chinese movie. Personally I enjoyed Ip Man 2 more. Maybe because I walked out of the cinema feeling like a proud Chinese.


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9 Responses to Summer Movies

  1. Yukinao says:

    Though Iron Man 2 is great…but I’d say it’s kinda disappointing compared with the first one for some reason and kinda dislike the last battle for it’s too short in my opinion.
    For this one I’ll choose Ip Man 2 😀

  2. Just came back from watching Iron Man 2. Granted, It was good. But it wasn’t great =/ Personally I have higher hopes for Ip man 2 ^^

  3. Crimotaku says:

    Stark always had a mad ego, had a serious drinking problem, and often one night stands the ladies. This is the way Tony has always been till he nearly suicided.

    Iron man does have some good bad guys, like the Ghost, Crimson Dynamo (now ally) and most of the weapon development companies that suit up criminals to pound Stark’s bodyguard, Iron-Man. Any company that trashes IronTech gets a raise in their shares.

    A crazy technolgy war and I think they cannot fit this into a movie because the world’s governments are IronTech’s worst enemy.

    Iron-man also came from the era where the Chinese were the terrors of the western world. Not the Arabs, or the bosnians, or the Vietnamese.

    If they made the Cap America movie, they would have to replace the German nazis and soviets with a more modern enemy. Maybe the .. Sigh .. More Arabs again -_-

    ironTech has always been head to head fighting in the tech department with HAMMER (not Osborn’s H.A.M.M.E.R, osborn’s version of SHIELD)

  4. Blurmage says:

    If you asked me, I preferred IP Man 2 more, maybe I preferred those kungfu fighting scene more ba.

  5. Reltair says:

    Ip Man 2 had epic martial arts scenes. Enough said.

  6. Hexlord says:

    I will probably end up watching both movies (I love both of the first ones), haha.

    I find that Iron Man 2 is better than the first one, love the chemistry between the already-established characters. The emo/random scenes are handled with aplomb, far better than the draggy and inane Spider-Man 3. That, and the fact I really find the jokes and scenarios entertaining heh.

    The problem with most superheroes movies is that by the time the third movie came along, they suffer from the “Superman 3” effect. Granted, even if the movie wasn’t as good as the first one (according to some people) the third one may do better as ppl’s expectations were lowered?

    (Which is why I wonder about the third Dark Knight movie…)

    Anyway, Ip Man 2. Haven’t seen yet so will do so soon. XD

  7. malzias says:

    Ip Man 2 is better, if only for the fight scenes, although the War Machine/Iron Man back-to-back was epic beyond comparison. Still, one good fight scene doesn’t stand up to Ip Man beating the crap out of people and wooden poles.

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