Otacool 2

An in depth review of Otacool 2.

In a nutshell, Otacool 2 is a collective effort between Kotobukiya and Danny Choo which showcase quality cosplay from around the world and outer space.

The book cover is a glossy book sleeve like most manga. The front and back are filled with thumbnails of cosplyers. One interesting thing is that unlike most Japanese books that is read from the right to left, Otacool 2 is read from left to right, like most other books from the rest of the world and outer space.

This is how the back of the book sleeve looks like. A blank.

In Singapore, Otacool 2 is available at Kinokuniya for S$35.80. Some finds it to be costly but I think it’s reasonable since all pages are coloured.

This is the actual cover without the sleeve. She is the official mascot of Otacool.

The back.

Comes with an insert as well.

This pixelate diagram is for phones installed with relevant software to take a pic, send it out and it will return with a picture of a undisclosed cosplay picture not found in the book.

Singapore used to have this technology but unfortunately bad marketing and lack of interest means this project never took off.

This is how the back of the insert looks like. A blank as well.

This is how it looks like when the insert is applied onto the box.

The back with the insert. Proceed with caution when trying this at home.

The book measures 15cm in width.

21cm in length. So total surface area is 15cm x 21cm = 315cm2.

1cm in height. Therefore the volume is 315cm3.

Book with sleeve and insert weighs approximately 300g. Just the book alone without sleeve and insert, it weighs 275g.

This is how the sides looks like.

Book comes with a piece of paper.

Which I think is used as a bookmark.

Meido and Nekomimi are always relevant.

Lovely Alodia.

Book is written in both Japanese and English.

Total no. of pages: 128
Total no. of countries represented: 23
Total no. of pictures: 367
Total no. of words: 103,880 (English), 124,876 (Japanese)
Total no. of sentences: 6,034
Total no. of paragraph: 260
Average word legnth: 5
Average words per sentence: 8

This is the last page. A page where the publisher, editor, translator’s name, publisher/printer’s address, copyright stuff are listed.

The book is alright. However I find that the English portion isn’t written fluently enough. Perhaps a native English speaker can be appointed to do the English language editing/translation for future installment of the Otacool series? Since this is a international release after all. Just a thought. =)


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  1. phossil says:

    Cool you are in the book too!
    mmm, that was the winner mascot? Oh well..–

  2. Squee says:

    The QR code actually works here if you download a QR code scanner app for the iphone or an android phone

  3. Okazaki-san says:

    Ah,it’s here at last.Time to head to Kinokuniya.Think I’ve already told you this but congrats on making it into Otacool 2.

  4. Reltair says:

    Oh, I see you in there. Congrats!

  5. laniemon says:

    Pretty nice, I reckon. Will most likely buy it once it’s on store here.

    And congrats for your inclusion into Otacool 2 ( ^ _ ^).

  6. Hexlord says:

    Haha, didn’t expect you to be inside but congrats! 😀

  7. John says:

    Congrats for making into Otacool2. I havnt got mine yet.

  8. bcotaku says:

    omg =O I have to get this. QUICK. But the price might be high for a poor student like me.

  9. Cavalock says:

    Congrats on being in the book! FYI, kino liang court is having a 20% member sale from tmmr till sat if anyone is interested.

  10. That’s not me btw. It’s just someone who happens to have the same name and also a good looking movie accurate Sandtrooper armour and good quality rare and hard to find replica stunt rubber MG34 rifle. ^^;

  11. Danny Choo says:

    A true in depth review ^^;

  12. Fabrice says:

    Sergeant Gordon spotted.

    got myself a copy as well =)

    Congratz btw.

  13. shockerz says:

    I was finding a good review of the book but what I found was something more here. LOL! Thanks for the in depth details on the book.

    Gonna get it in KL Kinokuniya soon.

  14. andra says:

    ooow, didnt know this book came out so fast !

  15. Z says:

    Wow this is the most technical review of a book I’ve ever read. Awesome! and I see you!

  16. RyoBase says:

    A truly detailed review.

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  18. dice says:

    got chu got chu inside! i want!

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