K-ON!! Season 2 Episode 3

This week’s episode is sadly a filler and pales in comparison with the awesomeness that is last week’s episode.

So in this episode, Ritsu did something that is surprisingly unexpected that only a filler episode will dare to do. She says she doesn’t want to be a drummer anymore as she is always behind the limelight. She then tried her hands playing other musical instruments. This strange behavior is totally out of Ritsu’s character and is a huge contradiction to the previous session where she vows to only play the drums because she thinks drummers are “cool” and she has difficulties playing instruments which involve intricate finger movements.

Way to go KyoAni…

This scrolling line of text tells viewers not to watch this anime online. Oh the irony. I’m not sure if this warning is meant for native viewers or overseas viwers? If it’s the later, I would think think at the very least write it in English so the message can get across to majority of people ya?

Anyway, what’s a snack anime without some shots of food right? Which brings me to an interesting question. Do students in Japan really pack such nice looking bento to school? Will one who brought crappy looking bento get mocked at or beaten up by the others?

And so as I was saying, since this is filler episode and with all filler episodes, everything must return to it’s original state before all the crap plot points are introduced because the source material, the manga doesn’t have all these nonsense.

So towards the end of the show, Ritsu says drumming is still the thing for her.

And she will never get sick of drumming bah bah bah…

So last but not least, despite this somehow lacking episode, K-ON! is still awesome. *Hearts* \m/


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6 Responses to K-ON!! Season 2 Episode 3

  1. Nopy says:

    It may have been a filler episode, but I’m sure all the Ritsu fans out there enjoyed it.

  2. danny says:

    where do you watch the new vidoes or k-on looking forward for ep 4 animax is quiet slow it’s still playing the 2009 series

  3. Jun (i-pup) says:

    W0oo7 I cant tell its a filler episode O_O

  4. Fabrice says:

    Gitah is cheating on me D:

  5. Valence says:

    Every episode so far is filler ._.

    Oh wait.

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