K-ON!! Second Season

So the second season of snack anime K-ON! is titled K-ON!! with two exclamation marks. Ok whatever.

In this episode, the girls decide to clean up their messy club house. Here we see Mio tying her hair into a ponytail.  Conspiracy theorist speculated that this is KyoAni’s attempt to further raise Mio’s moe appeal. But this was already in the manga.

Mugi was clearing the cupboard of her expensive looking tableware which prompted Yui to ask how much it cost?

Mugi said she doesn’t know the exact price except they were from from some royal family in North Korea.

In the manga, Mugi actually gave it a value at 100,000yen. I think saying it’s from some royal family instead of saying the price gives the viewers some imagination as to how valuable it is.

Yui found a old guitar.

Which belongs to Sawako-sensei. She told the girls to sell it and use the money for the club funds since she has no need of the guitar now.

Yui ends up carrying the guitar on the way to the music store because she lost in scissor-paper-stone.

She said she won’t lose again next round and proceeded to make this funny handsign.

Mugi and Ritsu follow suit as well. I have no idea what this means. Enlighten me.

I have no idea what this part means as well.

Why is Azusa’s ribbon red while the rest of the girls are blue?

Mio suggested to buy a shelf to organize their stuff. This segment isn’t in the manga.

Mugi seems very excited as always when it comes to commoner’s everyday thing, like shopping in a home finishing store.

Kamina will be so proud.

Devoted otakus will be hunting for this brand of drill very soon. Get yours before it sold out.

Azusa sets her eyes on a turtle at the pets corner.

At the music store to sell off the guitar. The store clerk must be the only male character in this whole series.

The girls were surprised the old rotten guitar fetches 500,000 yen. For the uninitiated, that’s about over 730 dakimakura or about 4 Dollfie Dream.

The store clerk then spent 1 min and 5 secs explaining the vintage quality of the guitar which makes it so valuable which non guitar fans wouldn’t care less to know at all.

Even the usually clear-headed Azusa couldn’t resist the temptation of money.

Is it even hygienic to do that? Slapping one’s face with dollar notes?

Mugi being the wealthy one in the group doesn’t seem seduced by all the money. Anyway if she is rich, why can’t she just buy her friends the musical instructions parts they desired? If they are OK with taking the money from selling the guitar which doesn’t belong to them for themselves, surely they will accept the same gift if it is given by Mugi?

Back in school, Sawako asked the girls how much the guitar fetched?

Everyone is hesitant to answer. I mean what gives? Surely the girls would have known Sawako would ask them for the price no? Since she is the one who told them to sell it to raise money for the club funds.

Ritsu tries to swallow the receipt when Sawako demands to see it.

Sawako finds out the truth.

The girls apologized dogeza style no less.

Sawako lets them choose one last thing they want to buy with the money. This isn’t in the manga as well.

The girls are undecided.

While on the way home, they saw the other clubs coaching the junior members and once again reminded of the fact that Azusa will be all alone next year once the 4 of them graduated.

So Yui got the idea to buy the turtle that Azusa was looking at the furnishing store the other day.

The newest member of the Keionbu.

I personally enjoyed this episode very much. The trip to the furnishing store and a new pet is a nice touch which isn’t covered in the manga. For once, I actually like watching a filler, only as long as it’s incorporated nicely into the main plot.


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18 Responses to K-ON!! Second Season

  1. naks says:

    azusa’s ribbon’s red coz she’s younger. It’s similar to how primary school name tags for different levels are different colours i guess.

  2. phossil says:

    Yui was not the one who wanted a guitar in the first season?

  3. squee says:

    Tht guitar is a vintage Gibson SG. Even the normal ones also cost a few k. Krauser sama uses it too.

  4. wallace teo says:

    your blog is nice .. first time co me here ..

  5. Squee says:

    The k-on girls are real scary…. they can easily afford crazily expensive instruments even thou they r juz high schoolers… the price of my 2 guitars combined also lose to their 1 guitar orz

  6. Reltair says:

    It was pretty funny how Yui wanted to get slapped by a fan of bills. They all fell to the temptation of money!

  7. Ex14 says:

    I think the part where the store clerk went into a monologue about guitars it was to show the beauty of guitars? XDD i dunoe but being a guitar person i liked that part…kinda.

    I don’t understand being slapped by a fan of bills. lol

  8. Atoli says:

    Hmmm…now I’m interested in this anime. Nice review, thank you ^_^

  9. laniemon says:

    Getting slap at by a wad of cash. Not such a bad thing, I reckon ^^.

  10. sbhboi says:

    I think “a pair of scissors” mean that blue sign which there’s people on it. Looks so much like hand’s scissors sign.

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