Namie Amuro

Have you ever encountered this phenomenon before? You lost contact with your first love for many many years then one day she came back into your life again? Well it sure happened to me.

I saw her again today after like more than a decade. She was on TV, I seldom watch TV and so happens I sat in front of one today. Must be destiny.

She was in a zero sugar carbonated soft drink commercial.

安室 奈美恵, Amuro Namie, is truly an icon of the 90s Japanese music scene. She sold several million albums throughout her singing career. Her single “Can You Celebrate?” (1997) sold 2.29 million copies and became Japan’s best selling single by a solo female artist. The record still holds today. However, in late 1997, at the peak of her popularity, Amuro steps down from the limelight to focus on her pregnancy and marriage. She divorced her husband in 2002.

She has a small mole under her right eye which is barely visible unless you look real close.

Can You Celebrate? Can you kiss me tonight?

I still remember it fondly. It is really an evergreen song. Even after all these years, it’s still enjoyable listening to it again. Namie Amuro still looks the same today compared to yesteryear. Time never left a mark on her. ^^;

Lastly I challenge everyone here to find an adult girl whose face is smaller than Namie Amuro. ^^;


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10 Responses to Namie Amuro

  1. Blowfish says:

    Hmm this is quite interesting…
    As much as its great to re-discover one of your fav. Idols I am more astonished by the Coke Zero Ad.
    Over here in Germany Coke Zero is marketed at the male demographic with commercials with lot of action and things going boom and a hot girl.
    This one seems to be more girls oriented atleast thats the impression I get from the word “Health”.

    Over here Coke Light is the Girls drinka dn Coke Zero the Guys Drink but in the end both taste like Ewok Poo

  2. I’ve only heard Baby don’t cry by namie amuro. and I loved it ^^

  3. i-pup (Jun) says:

    Namie Amuro sure hasnt changed abit since i last knw her more than 10 yrs ago. But quite sad that alot of our fav idol are not well knw by the new age youngster.
    Most of them dont even knw who is Ayumi. They only knw what Kpop artiste are there.

  4. haganemaru says:

    Never seen her but she looks hot ^_^ love her already ^_^

  5. moongster says:

    Long live Queen Amuro 🙂

  6. gerry says:

    Namie is the best, even in her super monkey days! She’s come a long way. She even looks great on the latest gisele mag cover

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