Childhood Crush

Everyone has a childhood crush. It’s usually not the girls in school. Boys and girls of that age don’t get along well due to the constant rivalry. It’s usually someone older, like a movie star, someone’s mature elder sister or a teacher in school.

For me I got to say was a femme fatale from my all time favourite mecha series Gold Lightan.

My memory is foggy so I can’t remember her name (Cookies to those who can name her), the anime was dubbed in Chinese back in the 90s. She is a foxy looking female android with red lipstick, green helm that resemble hair, a shapely figure, antenna as ears, wearing a spiked neck collar and clad in a red one piece swimsuit.

She’s one of the henchmen of the series’ villain. Each episode, the evil henchmen will come out with a giant mecha and wreak havoc in town.

I’m not sure did she die in the series?

This is the rest of the villains. Forgotten which one is the boss? The one at the top right I guess?

Hmm… nice cleavage.

Gold Light OP


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8 Responses to Childhood Crush

  1. malzias says:

    Dude at top right looks like General Grievous. :O

  2. Nopy says:

    Strange choice for a childhood crush 😛
    Mine was Sandra Bullock

  3. r chan says:

    errr… kinda unique? a boy fr my elder sis class was my first crush =)

  4. i-pup (Jun) says:

    BREAST FIRE!!!!!

  5. NanoPulp says:

    Blue colour helmet dude looks like a Darkstrooper.

  6. Lord Ng says:

    She is Mannaka. The “central general”. She did not die in the end. She used herself as a shield when Uyokka “Right General” attack Hiro with his sword. She has a bit of good sense of all the badies in this show

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