Tenori Tigers

Thank you J-List.


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9 Responses to Tenori Tigers

  1. yumeno says:

    Reminds me that I should get a Paypal account soon 😦

  2. what position will u like to play? :3c

  3. Garion says:

    Now if can only get our favourite cosplayer to wear it. :3 Plus a baseball bat and a Tenori Tigers cap (if they ever make one also). Badass!

  4. insanejake says:

    Nice buy man. Manly seal of approval!

  5. may says:

    ohmegod that just took all the CO2 away from my lungs, man! (jojo’s beautiful mio drawing took my O2 away)
    it’s gorgeousssss. ❤ taigaalltheway!

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