Second Impact

September 13 in the year 2000, an experiment was conducted on Adam in Antarctica. The awakened Angel created a strong “Anti-AT Field” which caused an explosion that melted the Antarctic ice cap and caused a shift of Earth’s axis; climate changes and gigantic floods followed. Billion of people died.

This was known as The Second Impact.

The exact details of the experiment are unclear, but apparently Adam was fused with human DNA when he was pierced with the Spear of Longinus, causing Adam to generate an anti-AT Field, which made all Lilith-based (normal terrestrial) life on the continent revert to the primordial ooze of LCL: not even bacteria survived.

To the rest of the world, there was no Adam and no “experiment.” This was covered up by Seele who initialised the experiment in the first place. The experiment succeeded in Seele’s true goal: reverting Adam to an embryonic form, more manageable from Nerv’s perspective.

There were only two survivors: Gendo and Misato Katsuragi, who was put into a survival pod by her father whose name is unknown.

In a small corner of the blogosphere, a certain nobody and his blog survived another kind of second impact. Today marks the second anniversary of this little cozy corner of a blog.

A lot has changed in the past 2 years on the internet. Back then Facebook and Twitter haven’t caught on. Blogging was the most popular way to express oneself on the Internet.

Now with Facebook or Twitter, one can do an update within seconds, the days of spending hours doing a long boring blog post are now gone. Many blogs came and go. Many veterans slowed down or even quitted blogging all together and converted to facebooking or twitting.

This is kind of ironic cos I once told myself I would never use these 2 social networking sites but now finds myself actively using them. lol.


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29 Responses to Second Impact

  1. Squee says:

    On the day of the 2nd impact I turned 16

  2. Pyoro says:

    happy anniverary!
    so do you see yourself taking the facebook and twitter route?

  3. Netto says:

    Happy second anniversary? xD

    But yeah, with twitter and facebook dominating the social network these days, blogging has taken a backseat in terms of expressing oneself due to the speed one can do with twitter and FB!

    On the bright side, blogs can be used effectively as an archive of some sorts, because the short micro-blogging concept is simply too fast for everyone to catch up with :x.

  4. Reltair says:

    Congrats! It’s hard keeping up a blog for long periods of time these days.

    Twitter/Facebook are nice I guess, but meh. Nothing beats having your own blog.

  5. i-pup (Jun) says:

    Congratz on your 2nd anniversary for surviving the 2nd impact.
    I hope i can be like u survive for 2 yrs.
    Btw i heard 3rd impact coming…..

  6. Cavalock says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Even i been blogging for bout 4 years, i still can’t write as good as you. hop e to learn more from you. but i guess not many pple here r into japanese food n stuff.

  7. Panther says:

    I have no idea how to use Facebook to even maintain a social network. I fail at socializing. 😦 I even hardly use Twitter nowadays except to keep up with others.

    Congrats on the 2 years.

  8. nutcase23 says:

    Never thought I would get caught up into using twitter.

    I still prefer blogging and I simply refuse to facebook :3

  9. AK says:

    I lost count on how many years it’s been since I got on blogspot. But anyway congrats on your 2nd anniversary. 😀

  10. LEon says:

    Happy Anniversary Gordon.

  11. r chan says:

    Happy anniversary sergeant!

  12. phossil says:

    Im still not using FB yet. Congratz with the second anniversary being in the cloud.

  13. laniemon says:

    Happy Anniversary Gordon. Congratulations is in order ^^.

  14. abao says:

    lawl happy anniversary.

  15. Shazzsteel says:

    Happy Anniversary Mr Sandtrooper!

  16. Ex14 says:

    Gordon if u ever need to keep ur site updated on twitter or facebook you can try twitterfeed. it works like a charm for my blog =D

    • It’s alright. My feeds get posted to twitter automatically. facebook i usually post it myself as i usually choose the time when most people will be around to see it.

  17. yamada says:

    Happy Anniversary! ^^

  18. razrig says:

    congrat on surviving the 2nd impact ^^

  19. Eduardo Gonzalez says:

    When i was 10 at that moment, what happened to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, pre-followed by Calanco Pi’s nuke of the country due to pro-statehood reasons

  20. Blowfish says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary!
    I expected it to be a tad older to be honest.

  21. sbhboi says:

    Happy 2nd blog anniversary bro !

    Moar cute gal pics ~

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