Figure Stacking

This is something I have been procrastinating for quite some time now. Namely getting ride of those figure boxes which are increasing in numbers with every new purchases.

Like many true blue otakus, I don’t have the heart to throw away the boxes. Some of them are very nice looking indeed and it’s a shame to see their eventual fate at the incinerator. Those ugly looking boxes however are the first to be dumped away. But even after throwing out a portion of my boxes, the remaining ones still takes up too much space.

I thought, if I were to empty the boxes of the inner clear plastic that holds the figure, I can stack the smaller boxes into the medium box and then into the bigger boxes.

I bet many will say, “But I need those inner plastic to put my figures in case I move to a new house” or “I need it in case I sell my figures”. The second point is understandable but how many die hard figure collectors really part with their collection? I know I won’t, well most probably.

As for moving house, how many times does one move houses anyway? It’s not economic to store all the boxes for eternity just for that 1 or 2 house moves if there ever be one in the first place. Furthermore even if one really move house, it’s not really practical to put all of one’s figures into their respective boxes. Just imagine how many one is gonna move!? I think wrapping them in bubble wrap and putting them i one big cardboard box is more efficient.

02. Anyway, so I have decided to get rid of all the inner plastic. All of them above.

03. This is the total number of boxes I have. Not counting the figma boxes. Not as impressive as some who can stack them into Taipei 101. ^^;

04. And this is how it looks like after stacking them into each other for as many as possible.

05. Now Lets take a look how we can stack as 8 boxes within eachother.

06. First the smallest one, the Chibi Sheryl ichiban kuji box will go inside the Nanaka bust box.

07. Then into the Kyou Fujibayashi box.

08. Then into the Fauna box.

09. Then into the Melissa box.

10. Then into the Yoko box.

11. Then into the Feito box.

12. And then finally into the Mikuru box

13. And we are done. Repeat the same for the rest of the boxes. Though the rest can only stack 1 to 3 boxes at the most.

14. And this is where I store them. Above my desk.

Initially I thought doing all this is going to a drag but surprisingly, it turn out to be quite fun. A strange sense of achievement from freeing up so many space. lol.


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33 Responses to Figure Stacking

  1. Mark says:

    Have you ever considered folding them up since you throw away the plastic inside anyways?

  2. Chappy says:

    这就是所谓的盒中盒? 不过虽然你那么说, 我还是舍不得将里面的塑料丢掉。 而且, 因为我房间没有太多空间让我摆这些, 所以我经常会轮流让我的宝贝们出来透透气, 因此那些塑料还是必要的。 不过等我出来赚钱, 定做了橱柜, 大概就会扔掉了。

  3. Shazzsteel says:

    The art of figure box stacking. Excellent idea since I’m running out of storage to keep my boxes.

  4. zh3us says:

    ^^; Still won’t throw away the plastic inners for my Scaled! Too little place, have to rotate them! ;P

  5. alexk554 says:

    Minimalism, its definitely something Otaku don’t suffer from :P.

  6. sbhboi says:

    Woot hold it ! Who’s that hot chick posters ??

    Yeah, since figurines boxes can be flatten, but not the plastic inside. Best way to keep all the plastic was put them all in a big box a.k.a tv’s box.

  7. phossil says:

    Too bad the inner plastic cant be sort of stacked in the same way.

  8. Steve says:

    I throw away all my figure boxes soon after getting the figure. There’s just no need to keep them – I don’t plan on selling anything, and if I move it’d be much more efficient to bubble wrap everything for transport. Occasionally I might keep a box for aesthetic purposes, but it usually ends up in the bin eventually.

  9. Pyoro says:

    what cha do with all the plastic though?
    recycle them?

  10. soonkiong says:

    i’d tend to keep the boxes, my room would look a bit bare without them. ^^;

  11. keionfan says:

    Well I have not own any figure Yet,but only gundam model,but I guess the only reason I can keep the boxes is because my collection is very limited.

  12. andra says:

    I still dont have the chance to complain about figure boxes taking up space lol.

    My collection still very small so just stacking them up in a corner ^^

  13. chun says:

    it’s like box tetris XD

  14. Monkee says:

    haha nice xD
    Now, I’m stacking my order and figures box, just like you ^^

  15. Garion says:

    AWESOME idea man…u know its like those Russian dolls thingy…that you put one inside the other. XD Now I just need to get the contact details of that figure boxes’ inner plastic collector. :3

    Lucky you never collect the Alter Nanoha series…the box sizes alone can take up like half the room. ^^;

  16. deadbeat says:

    I totally understand the inner turmoil you must be feeling at the thought of throwing them boxes away. I can’t seem to find a good solution to them as well

    LOL at russian dolls box-style 🙂

  17. Reltair says:

    I don’t even have the heart to throw away the plastic inside. Running out of space to stack boxes…

  18. TheAndySan says:


    I wonder if Danny Choo does this too?

  19. Radiant says:

    I’d love to do what you’re doing, but since I’ve got too many figures that I have to rotate them, this solution doesn’t work for me unfortunately. 😦

    What I need is a molecular reconfiguration device, so that I can turn all my boxes into a small dense cube, and just extract the ones I need once in a while, plastic insides and all.

  20. Blowfish says:

    Hehe as soon as I saw the title those two sentences ran through my mind ^^
    As much as I cant throw away the boxes I can part with the plastic and stack them aswell.Thats the reason why my bedroom looks horribly cluttered with all those boxes^^;

  21. dice says:

    me want melissa! missed her twice! sigh~ Good idea on figure stacking. agree that its a waste of space!

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