Anime Festival Asia 2009

Some bits and pieces of the other stuffs at the event.

2. Tokyo Figure Show: Singapore. Mirai signboard want!

3. World Is Mine Miku. cant wait to get this.

4. Black★Rock Shooter. A real challenge to shoot this as the spotlight is shining directly onto her tummy. >< I regret not pre-ordering this. orz

5. Looks like something I do not have time to complete.

6. I have a friend who loves everything Zeta Gundam.

7. Looks like something I do not have time to complete 2.

8. Need some dynamic poses.

9. Reiko, the bilingual emcee from last year’s event returns again this year, hopefully next year and next next year and next next next year…

10. Danny on stage telling us about himself, his work and how he cleans the toilet at the office.

11. Saber holding some Sandtrooper trading card. What’s that badge she has on her dress? I think she’s the first one to get it. (‘~’)


13. Luckiest dolphin in the world.

14. Some not-so-moe rules at the Moe Moe Kyun Cafe. The inside looks more like a school canteen than a cafe though.

15. From the Imaginary Friends Studio booth.

16. The last one in the queue holds this.

17. The gorgeous Suenaga Sisters. Pic by e-jump.

Some very happy man with his 2 lovely daughters. Love the way he laughs. :3c


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33 Responses to Anime Festival Asia 2009

  1. nutcase23 says:

    Last pic: “I am DA PIMP”

  2. AK says:

    He’s like the laughing Buddha. 🙂

  3. r chan says:

    i like # 11 is the dollie hair really like that?

  4. kodomut says:

    It looks as though your patch looks too heave for Sasara in the first pic!

  5. Jason Trooper says:

    School canteen sia! 🙂

    Nice photos…


  6. Shazzsteel says:

    Saw you at the AFA, I was wondering that guy in the photos looked familiar. Hmm where did you get that dolphin plushie? Cause I seem to have one also but do not remember where I got it from.

  7. Shazzsteel says:

    Oh yeah nice pictures, your pics seem to be bright that others, especially mine.

    Did you go inside the MMK cafe?

  8. Raven says:

    Dame it pic #16 seems familiar. Where have I last seen that?

    Should have went down on D2, but oh well. Next year?

  9. Hexlord says:

    Who’s the last guy? Seen him around once in a while 🙂

  10. konadora says:

    The last guy looks so happy haha, great pics ^__^

    Btw, I didn’t see you at AFA! T__T

  11. phossil says:

    Dolphins seems to have tons of luck!
    Love the 12, 13 and 17 pics.

  12. Reltair says:

    They should use those “End of Queue” signs at other conventions/events. Sometimes it is pretty confusing finding out where the end of the line is.

  13. Garion says:

    #4 – same feelings dude – I didn’t PO her as well. ^^;

    #13 – LOL.

    #16 – Wait, I didn’t see you at the KKnM queue? ^^; I waited like 1 hr 20 mins in that queue and only bought one item. oTL

    Last pic is win. XD

  14. chun says:

    lol saw these pix on flickr but din have a chance to comment 😛 Kawaii Sasara chan, Saber has bust upgrade? ^^;

  15. kar loke says:

    Never go in MMK?

  16. Nickz says:

    at least that guy’s laughing or smiling..anyway the KKnM i was just standing outside looking money to buy much lol. well ill be going there myself sooner or later..

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