Anime Festival Asia

Nice meeting you, you, you and you. Yes especially you. OK time for bed.


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23 Responses to Anime Festival Asia

  1. wongtcsg says:

    I did not see you…too many people.

  2. Chappy says:

    I didn’t see you too. Was half-dead; carrying my stuff that i bought and my not-so-light camera bag. I am having muscle aches now.

  3. chun says:

    remember to de-armor before going zzz! lol

  4. Cavalock says:

    hah, i was working at AFA too. were u downstairs at the crime prevention thing?

  5. Neutrinos says:

    You didn’t come on the first day? Made couple of rounds in the hall but didn’t spot any trooper (other than danny).

  6. BC Otaku says:

    Hmm? What clothes did you go in then? I walked around the hall from 10am to 6.30pm before heading to the concert.. I saw Danny in armour, the only ‘special’ person i’ve seen. Except for Alodia.

  7. Leefe says:

    Didn’t manage to grab you too, in fact somehow one way or another, haven’t met many around ^^;

    Only saw Mysctea and AK orz

  8. phossil says:

    I didnt see you too! Well, I supossed because I wasnt in Singapore (lol, sorry- was a joke. ^^)

  9. aya says:

    HELLO GORDONNNNN ! aya here~!
    thanks for the awesome card and badge ! hahaha
    and could i have the pic that we took together too? 😀

  10. Tiny Red Man says:

    great meeting u too.

  11. yunamon says:

    Why is everybody ignoring you!? You’ve got some light warping stealth on?

    But the Force is strong with me that day I saw you at once, tho not immediately recognises you until your trading card came along… ^^;

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