Aisaka Taiga Cosplay

Unbelievable. After having Chii as my mobile phone wallpaper for almost 2 years, I have finally found someone worthy of replacing her.

Strangely, I didn’t like the anime Toradora! at the beginning but it grows on me towards the end. I actually find myself enjoying it.

Anyway doubt I am going to change my phone wallpaper for the next few years as it is going to be even harder to find someone to replace this current one. Tell me she isn’t the most moe-some taiga cosplayer in the world. (‘~’)


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30 Responses to Aisaka Taiga Cosplay

  1. Leonia says:

    She is really cute !

  2. Chun says:

    kya you dollfie? Lol jk! XD

  3. andra says:

    This Taiga got that tenori tiger look! ^^

    Cant believe you stuck with the same wallpaper for 2 yrs! ^^; A wallpaper at most stay on my hp for one week only, cant stand seeing the same thingy.

  4. kiddai says:

    It gave me chills just now…as if I can’t resist looking through the pics…especially with the lil tiger @__@

    I still have the same wallpaper for more than 1 year now…another 6 months then I’ll reach 2 years xD ahaha

  5. bluedrakon says:

    ok – She isn’t the most moe-some taiga cosplayer in the world – LOL < just kidding! She is adorable

  6. kly says:

    wha lao ehhh~~ so hawt! Girls Generation on my phone seems inferior suddenly 😦

  7. razrig says:

    me… like~~~

  8. phossil says:

    I got Chii in my mobile device too for a while. 🙂

  9. Seinime says:

    Awesome anime, awesome cosplay.

  10. IWICSYI says:

    LOL! Wow , I sulute you . If I have that kind of wallpaper , I won’t even dare to take out my phone in public . I admire your otaku spirit.

  11. Elvin says:

    nice wallpaper…

    i should find nice wallpaper for my phone too hehe

  12. Tiny Red Man says:

    u should add a little love love at the right eye where she blinks. you will prolly nosebleed =8~

  13. TP says:

    …I have nothing to say. You, sir, are nothing but a loser lolicon somebody I look up to when it comes to aesthetics. That is all.

  14. Z says:

    MOEEE!! wow…. she looks oh so much like Taiga O_O. That’s incredible ^^. It looks like she even have the right height 😀

  15. Q says:

    So that’s what happens when moe becomes materialised o_o Taiga looks more like a doll than a human in the last picture ^^;

  16. AK says:

    Finally, Gordon has begun the path leading from 2D girl fantasizing, to 3D girl fantasizing. Welcome to the journey, my friend.

  17. Stifler says:

    “…potential lolicon stalkers please feel free to stalk her.(’~’) ”

    lol I wonder what kuro will say when she reads that.

  18. Shin says:

    Rorikon tadaima sanjou!

    Yeah, I knew it was “her” the moment the name Taiga was brought up. Good stuff.

  19. Hangmen says:

    God I hate it when cosplayers look so good portraying characters I don’t even like.

  20. coffeebugg says:


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