Call of Duty

It’s that time of the year again where majority of young lads are called back to fulfill their annual obligation. Reservist duties befell upon yours truly and I will back in green, trekking in the beautiful jungles of Singapore for the next 3 weeks starting tomorrow. I will be released on 26th Oct. It is going to be tough, having to survive with minimal sleep, not to mention 3 weeks without anime, the internet and most important, health care. If I am lucky I might be out for the weekend. So to prepare for the worst, please excuse me while I proceed to perform 3 weeks worth of health care tonight. It’s demanding but it’s for my own good. See you again in 2 weeks time!


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  1. AK says:

    Have fun Gordon. I haven’t even done my initial 2 years in the service yet. LOL.

  2. misakichii says:

    I have ORD-ed for 2 years + and have not been called for anything yet :3

  3. yumeno says:

    26 Oct is the date for my first O Level paper LOL.
    Good luck, Gordon.

  4. tiny red man says:

    stripped off ur sandtrooper and back to green trooper. Life sucks in green. Anyway, good luck for ur reservist and, just in case u forgot, there’s the eighth core value.

  5. Panther says:

    One ICT down, ONE LESS ICT TO ROD.

    And this coming one next year will be my 5th. Yes.

  6. Q says:

    Two weeks then it’s one less to go! Treat it as another new challenge of some sort, then you’ll come back with your anime, Internet, and health care as a reward (I suppose?)!

    Good luck man, being in green does take a lot of courage and strength. To be honest I admire people who can go through such things.

  7. phossil says:

    This is like the second time you do reservist time, right? I exactly dont know why you have to do it.

  8. Blowfish says:

    I really,really pity you guys…
    Atleast you can play Rambo or something.

    No Healthcare during that time? Cant you say you have to go to the toilet or something? XD

  9. The Man is calling you back, eh? Hope you have a good time ^^;

  10. TP says:

    Hmm, eh? I’m confused. I thought you were with the men in blue? Or am I obviously oblivious to where/who are you actually? x.x

    Anyway, have fun with reservist. Looks like I’ll need to find my gym routine now (pending my ICT on March 1st next year SHOOT!).

  11. Garion says:

    Good luck Gordon! The training is tough no doubt, but going three weeks without healthcare (or healthcare materials) is even tougher! ‘~’ BTW which formation/unit are you in?

    On a side note: MR loh! ^_^

  12. HAve fun =) why don’t you wear ur stormtrooper uniform instead? xD

  13. Reltair says:

    Have fun trekking in the beautiful jungles of Singapore!

    They should have something like that here in the States, get those lazy kids out of the house and doing some exercise.

  14. nutcase23 says:

    You have not yet been pixelated I see….. :3

  15. welsper84 says:

    I believe too much health care will eventually damage your spinter muscles through lol

  16. Hangmen says:

    Hey, be happy that you get good training.

  17. Rin says:

    Have fun in the jungle.
    Good thing Canada doesn’t have any of this you must have army training…
    Good luck!!!

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