K-ON! Yonkoma

Today is the happiest day of my life because I just bought K-ON! Yonkoma (translated) volume 2! :3c

Oh btw there’s a poll at the end of this post.


I simply love the K-ON! yonkoma. I find it more enjoyable than the anime. (‘~’)

Have been a long time since I laughed heartily while reading manga.


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33 Responses to K-ON! Yonkoma

  1. chun says:

    so cute ^o^ I love manga since they’re usually more carefully drawn than anime 😛

  2. Daymien says:

    where did you buy in Singapore?

  3. Radiant says:

    That poll is hard. Instead, here’s my answer:

  4. Cute! I wish I could read it. >:

  5. Q says:

    It’s in traditional Chinese? So you’ve bought the Taiwan/Hong Kong version then? (just managed to confirm the text from the back of the manga there) 😮

    I’d go with radiant’s answer too which he gave me 2 weeks ago or so ^^;

  6. razrig says:

    i cant poll.. i love both~~

  7. Stifler says:

    That’s a tough choice. Hmmm….Guess I shall decide it with a coin flip….

  8. kazearashi says:

    K-on for me =D I got the original manga and collecting them since I love the yonkoma, but haven’t got the time to read it x3

  9. Neutrinos says:

    K-on FTW, I got those books since the anime started ^^;;

  10. G2 says:

    If it’s between Haruhi season 2 and K-ON anime, then i will vote for K-ON. Feel that season 2 is not as good as season 1. But I like Haruhi-chan a lot, so it’s still difficult to choose.

  11. wcloudxkumo says:

    If only it’s in English ; _ ;

  12. phossil says:

    K-on yonkoma looks AWESOMEEEE!!!

  13. Ah, can’t read any of that >_< Would require English or simple Japanese.

  14. andra says:

    I regret buying the japanese one! I just bought it like a few days before I saw the chinese one come out ^^; I took like 7 mins to read one box lol XD

  15. Edric says:

    Finally the mandarin version is out. But I invested too much into GTO and EVA that now I have insufficient bucks to get that _|-|O

  16. Andrew says:

    That is not fair! You can’t ask which is better – I couldn’t possibly choose between Haruhi and K-ON. I wonder if the K-ON! manga has been translated into English yet…

  17. Chappy says:

    Yonkoma FTW. Haven’t buy it yet, but going to.
    Oh sheesh. Real tough poll. Skip!

  18. kodomut says:

    Haruhi hands down. First love.

    • SMiLEy says:

      Haruhism for the win :3
      and yeah, love K-ON! manga vers much better compare to anime vers.
      The anime was so over-dramatic (for me).
      just throwing my 2 cents 🙂

  19. konadora says:

    omg chinese.. T___T

  20. samejima says:

    Wow the art’s nice too…
    I’m ashamed that I cannot read or write much chinese even though I am one. Can only speak fluent fukien but not much mandarin too. orz perhaps time to enroll for that mandarin class? NOT. :B

  21. BepcaджE says:

    Статья оставила сложное, даже неоднозначное, впечатление… Даже не знаю, что сказать… Нужно время, чтобы обдумать прочитанное.

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