Sayonara Fiona Xie

So it’s official. Sad to see her go, especially since she never posed on FHM before. Sigh, what a waste. 😦

Younger days.


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19 Responses to Sayonara Fiona Xie

  1. Panther says:

    What, she is leaving MediaCorpse? Hurrah?

  2. Tiny Red Man says:

    her leaving mediacorp doesn’t mean she can’t pose for FHM.

  3. Stifler says:

    Huh? What happened to her?

  4. chun says:

    Looks like she “grew up” in the eyes department 😛

  5. DemonickAngel says:

    oh yeah she didn’t do fhm.
    now her pies grew, can do!

  6. Eclair says:

    Heard a lot of stories about her recently @_@ Hmm, if she quit acting what can she do now?

  7. Pyoro says:

    lol you guys @ sph call them mediacock?

  8. yumeno says:

    She can work for me now. Lol?

  9. abao says:

    lawl. I can see you are really sad about her leaving the industry for good.

  10. LEon says:

    I can see you are feeling sad about her not doing FHM and nothing more. LOL

  11. oOgA says:

    she is one hot babe, really sad if she quits the industry. who knows what happened ?

    and mmm….

    lovely assets 😀

  12. lovelyduckie says:

    First I’ve seen of her (sorry not too dedicated to idols) but I LOVE her in that corset style green flower top! Sexy!

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