It’s either I need a new pair of socks or I need a girlfriend.


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  1. Raven says:

    Who cares about the socks. Get a GF first, just don’t remove your shoes.

  2. kodomut says:

    Girlfriend can get you socks, but socks can’t get you a girlfriend.

  3. There’s no option for both? ^^;

  4. Pyoro says:

    screw the socks, i will give you mine if it means getting a gf for ya. anyway all this talk abt gfs is making me jealous.
    i happened to chance upon this email from the SDU, hmm maybe i should join ^^

  5. Toonleap says:

    You can get any of both, anywhere, anytime, but…Girlfriends are better and She can get a pair of socks for your birthday!

  6. Darktek13 says:

    Both is the missing vote option. And I do think it is clear that you really do need new socks and you would probably benefit greatly from a girlfriend too.

  7. TheFuzzy says:

    Well it’s easier to buy a pair of socks than it is to instantly get a gf.

    Go for the socks. =D

  8. G2 says:

    There’s no option for wife.

  9. TP says:

    For some reason, your attire in that picture is eerily similar to mine. Coincidence, or are we both products of the same gene? o.0

    I voted for a new socks. Girlfriend is when you feel lonely. And I think the Internet has provided you with lots of “fun time” together to not feel lonely.

  10. kluxorious says:

    you need both. XD

  11. Reltair says:

    Obviously have to get the socks, you can hurt your toes like that when wearing shoes. =O

  12. Jun Wong says:

    Hmm, I got this feeling too.

    Whenever there’s clothes, shoes or socks got torn and wore off, u feel that how nice if there’s sum1 taking care of ur stuff n u.

    Then when it come to relationship, its up to fAtE.
    Maybe u would meet that special sum1 when u r buying ur socks 🙂

  13. hikky says:

    Cause GF will cost much more and cause a lot of trouble! 2D is always there for you!

  14. razrig says:

    bad question~~~ huhu

  15. zenical says:

    As a girl, I’ll say you need BOTH. LOL.

  16. Joey says:

    Buy new socks. At least the girl will not said that you never update your fashion :P…..

  17. Get a GF and learn how to sew… or if she’s kind enough she can sew it for you!

  18. RyoBase says:

    Get a girlfriend bro, and you will soon forget about your sock.

  19. anoy says:

    why getting something you cant get ? get the shock..take my advice

  20. cavalock says:

    don’t u already hv a girlfriend?

  21. Chappy says:

    Get a pair of socks first so that you can leave a good impression on girls for wearing a pair of new socks. LOL.

  22. blacklash says:

    You need a girlfriend to pick up a new pair of socks and pamper the poor sergeant by cutting his sexxeh toenails.


  23. crashmann says:

    It’s no wonder you’ve got holes in your socks, look at those razor blade toenails! First you need to buy toenail clippers, then socks, then maybe, just maybe, you would be ready to get a girlfriend :-p)

  24. phossil says:

    Doesnt hurt your feet wearing shoes and socks with holes?

  25. DemonickAngel says:

    u got one gal alr marh so socks.

  26. Z says:

    The desert must have been rough ^^;. There are plenty of girls out there… but so are socks. A girlfriend that is right for you is harder and more time-consuming to find than the right pair of socks so… find a girlfriend^^;

  27. gordon says:

    Thanks all for the advice! Interesting to see both options has supporters. :3

  28. kare says:

    Dude! Just cut your toenails… ~_~

  29. konadora says:

    Socks with your girlfriend picture on it?

    Or girlfriend wearing your socks…

  30. Nelstar says:

    buy one gf

  31. Persocom says:

    While it appears you obviously could use a new pair of socks, I vote GF because a GF will give you much more in life than a pair of socks, and won’t wear out as fast either. Socks don’t take care of anything but your feet and a good woman can take care of your heart and soul. I know that sounded corny.

  32. lovelyduckie says:

    It’s option C…you need another anime figure

  33. мишкa says:

    Интересно, откуда такое чудище вылезло?

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