Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2009

Last week’s Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009 was a dream come true for this trooper.

Last year, this lad went for the same convention, the first in Singapore at that time, with the hope of meeting the 501st Legion and offering his service to the Empire. He sworn to troop at next year as a trooper and the rest is history.


At last year’s event, he met 3 Sandtroopers. Impressed at what he saw, he said to himself he must troop as a Sandtrooper as well at next year’s event which he did. ^^

3. The 501st Legion booth for this year.

4. These Clone helmets are specially customised by celebrities, artists and prominent figures and are up for auction to raise funds for Make A Wish Foundation (Singapore).

5. One of the helmet is done by local comedian Adrian Pang who was present at the convention and was kind enough to take a picture with us. Here we see one of his sons wearing the afro helmet he designed.


7. The girls next door opposite our booth. One of them asked me why am I so dirty? It was funny cos not only her, I got that question a lot at the convention. ^^;

8. Met comrade kodomut as well. Check out his coverage of the event and other posts with nice photos he took of his nendoroids.

9. My buddy in the garrison not only works for the Empire, he’s a part time Bumblebee as well.

10. The 2 Sandtroopers on my left are my seniors who are one of the reasons which inspired me to become a Sandtrooper as well.

11. We have a photo booth whereby the public may donate a small sum to have their pictures taken professionally and printed out on photo paper. All proceeds go to Make A Wish Foundation (Singapore).

12. Look who’s hiding behind? ^^;

13. This lovely lady was so afraid of Darth Vader she hid herself behind the trooper. ^^;

14. The dark load himself has to coax her out. ^^;

15. There you go, the dark lord won’t bite. At least for today. ^^;

16. Guessing time. Cookies to those who guess correctly who is the Sith lord on the right? Maybe gamers will know?

17. We also have a fully functional R2D2 with us. It is made by a local Star Wars fan and long time friend of the garrison. R2D2 moves, spins and makes all those cute R2D2 sounds. Hope to see it painted next year. ^^;

18. The happiest moment for this trooper is he finally found his long lost sister! Make a guess which character is she portraying? Maybe comic book fans will know?

19. She’s a nekomimi as well. nyan~ ^^

20. Does she look familiar ? ^^

20.5 Do you recognise this Jo? :3 I really got to watch Burst Angel. Can’t find it anywhere sadly. >.<

21. One of the highlights of our participation is Droid Hunt, a traditional 501st game played at conventions. Click here for a video on how the game is played. Here we “arrest” a rebel sympathizer in procession of Imperial droids.

22. Once we found the droids we are looking for, whoever we arrested wins a prize. And to top it off, you have Boba fett presenting the prize to you. How cool is that? ^^

23. More happy people with Star Wars goodies. Those interested to play do join us again next year!

24. I love this shot.

25. With Commander Cody. Hmm… his gun is bigger than yours truly’s.


27. A lovely waitress this trooper found on the last day before closing. A shame couldn’t get a full body shot as she has lovely zettai ryouiki!

Conclusion: As I was browsing a local cosplay forum, I realise I missed out on a lot of fun and photo opportunities with the cosplayers as I was preoccupied with 501st activities. This blog post does not justify the actual happenings going on at the event which was very fun. Hopefully next year I can better manage my time so I can  mix around with the cosplayers and friends.

Till next year then. ^^;

Pic credit
Pic 20 – KWSW
Pic 20.5 – kaze
Pic 24 – xenojin
Pic 25 – xdxming
Pic 26 – Berserk

Win cookies by taking part in this guessing game.
Pic 16: Who is the Sith lord on the right?
Pic 18: Which character is my sister dressed up as?


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27 Responses to Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2009

  1. Pyoro says:

    the pose the trooper on the right in photo #12 was kinda funny
    ahh commander cody… whatever happened to him at the end of episode 3?
    and yea kudos to the guy who took #24, it’s really nice…

    • gordon says:

      with ref to pic #12 maybe it’s because he got a lady hiding behind him. lol.

      no idea what is cody’s fate after the events of episode 3. if he survived, he probably got induced into the 501st Legion of stormtroopers(?)

  2. primeparadigm says:

    Let me take a guess, Ysanne Isard?

    • gordon says:

      good guess. is it the colour of the uniform? (‘~’)

      • primeparadigm says:

        Yeah, her red uniform is too distinctive. I admit though I had to countercheck cause I couldn’t see the Imperial rank cylinders which would have cinched the guess.

  3. Radiant says:

    Hi Kodomut! 😀

    Wow, I didn’t realize you’re so tall, Gordon!

    And that’s at Suntec convention center, I’m guessing? I remember going there to a convention like, 10 years ago. Such a nice looking building.

  4. phossil says:

    Liked the afro helmet picture!!

  5. Reltair says:

    Droid Hunt looks pretty fun.

    These are not the droids you are looking for.

  6. LEon says:

    The female sith should be Kreia who appear in Knight of the old republic 2 as one of the mentor of Darth Raven in the beginning of the game. The cosplayer did a good job for the coolness but the character age in the story is older tho….

  7. Jamaipanese says:

    awesome pictures as usual Gordon

  8. Akiraman says:

    Hey Gordorn, Love the last pic and the RE4 one so you were walking around the place with the rest of the troopers? Definately would have seen you there in costume 🙂

  9. kwsw says:

    I see you got a picture of Jo as well. Darn too bad I was too busy inside the hall to get a shot of her outside. =X

  10. rulascalaca says:

    wow! nice photos, i say it again, im in love of Ada Wong, i love picture 24 and joker frawing in pic 27, nice coverage!!! ñ_______ñ

  11. aprilius20 says:

    Quote: 14. The dark load himself has to coax her out. ^^;”
    I LOL’ed at that:D

  12. konadora says:

    In the end I still couldn’t find out who you were T__T

  13. Anon says:

    meh the jedi’s visas or something from KOTOR 2. Can’t really remember her name. It’s a good costume though

  14. coffeebugg says:

    Pic # 13-15 = Oh me gawd! I know that girl 😛 I have got to show her these pics. I shall steals them from your flickr.

  15. r chan says:

    hi trooper! im the girl afraid of darth vader , friend of coffeebugg. will post this link to my fb =) tc!

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