Today, let’s talk about Sandtroopers.

Here’s some interesting extract from the book “The Making Of Star Wars”, by JW Rinzler.

“One item that stood out, however, was the cost associated with the stormtroopers, who ran up a tab of £ 40,000 ($93,000) – and whose final outfits were still not ready a week before location shooting was to begin. ‘Stormtroopers were the nightmare costume’ John Mollo the costume designer explains. ‘We got a model in of suitable size, did a plaster body cast, and Liz Moore modeled the armor onto this figure. Then everybody used to go in and say, “Arm off here, arm off there,” and George changed all the kneecaps. This went on for several weeks. Finally that was all taken away and produced in vacuum-form plastic – but the next question was: how does it all go together? And I think we had something like four days before shooting, but we just played around until we managed to string it all together in such a way that you could get it on or off the block in about five minutes.’”

The original 6 who played the iconic Sandtrooper character.

‘On top of all this, George announced that he was going to take some Stormtroopers on location, and he wanted them in Combat Order. I said “Oh yes George, what’s combat order for Stormtroopers?” and he said “Lots of stuff on the back”. So I went into this Boy Scout shop in London and bought on of these metal backpack racks; then we took plastic seed boxes, stuck two of those together, and put four of those on the rack. Then we put a plastic drainpipe on the top, with a laboratory pipe on the side and everything was sprayed black. [laughs] This was the most amazing kind of film! George asked, “Can we get something that shows their rank?” So we took a motorcycle chest protector and put one of them on their shoulders. George said “That’s great!” We painted one orange and one black and that was it!’ Mollo concludes, happily.”

“‘We had a black all-in-one leotard for the stormtrooper costumes’ Mollo says, ‘over which the front and back of the body went together; the shoulders fit onto the body, the arms were slid on-the top arm and the bottom arm were attached with black elastic – a belt around the waist had suspender things that the legs were attached to. They wore ordinary domestic rubber gloves, with a bit of latex shoved on the front; the boots were ordinary spring-sided black boots painted white with shoe-dye. Strange to say, it worked’”

Sandtroopers are seen in Star Wars: A New Hope on the planet Tatooine looking for mismatched pair C3PO and R2D2.

Orange pauldron = Captian aka Squad Commander.

White pauldron = Sergeant.

Black pauldron = Enlistee, commonly referred to Corporal.

So is a Stormtrooper + pauldron = Sandtrooper? Of course no, there are numerous differences between the two.

Other than the standard blaster, Sandtroopers usually carry these BFG above. Pic by TD252.

Another important component of the Sandtrooper is the backpack.

Sandtroopers are also known as dirty troopers as can be seen from their weathered armour. For more differences between a Sandtrooper and Sandtrooper, click here.

In the 501st Legion, Sandtroopers from every corner of the world forms up the Mos Eisley Police Department (MEPD). Mos Eisley as Obi-wan puts it, a “wretched hive of scum and villainy” thus Sandtroopers in the 501st Legion are known as Police Officers. ^^;

Perhaps the most commonly known Sandtrooper in the movie is the “Move Along” trooper played by Anthony Forrest.

Another famous Sandtrooper is Davin Felth. What makes him so special? Click here to find out. (‘~’)


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  1. yumeno says:

    Oh, now I get it.

  2. k says:

    what’s your rank? ^^

  3. PP says:

    encik soon? hahahahhahahaha ..

  4. phossil says:

    I think you are still an enlistee… ~~~

  5. As an active stormtrooper, can you say that modern trooper armor is easier to put on and wear? Or would you prefer one of the original suits from the movie? ^^

  6. TP says:


    [everybody stands at attention]

  7. Radiant says:

    classic. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” I still use that phrase on occasion. Cool facts about the “Definitive Sandtrooper”!

  8. gunstray says:

    Hahah, are you gonna fix your current armor, or leave it in the desert and let natual causes do the work for you ^^

  9. Reltair says:

    Interesting read on how they made the costumes. The way they made the Combat Order for them is pretty gg.

  10. aprilius20 says:

    Soo, Sandtroopers = Stormtroopers + lots of sand? Can’t decide which one I prefer:3

  11. Neutrinos says:

    Oh, so that’s what it is. haha

  12. AK says:

    Move along, move along. :3

    My turn will come soon.

  13. Cavalock says:

    ah….u gotta luv the trooper with the afro.

    still remember the day my dad brought me to watch SW: A New Hope at the old Odean. yah, i am that old.

  14. DemonickAngel says:

    flickr photo gave you away. heh.

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  16. Q says:

    For some reasons I always like troops (re)designed for localised environment and combat, just like those grunt units in Gundam series where they are modified specifically for desert and winter conditions~

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