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Saber desu! o(^o^)o It have been a while I know. Master is finally back to doing gundam after such a long time! Police training has taken up most of Master’s time lately. He is so busy he haven’t got time to recharge my mana. (ToT) sob sob…


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25 Responses to Back to Gundam

  1. zenical says:

    welcome back I guess? haha. take a break if you need it ^^

  2. Gunstray says:

    Yay!! The return of Saber^^

  3. Pyoro says:

    police? pls don’t tell me that was reservice….

  4. kodomut says:

    I can help Saber recharge mana (^ω^)

  5. Q says:

    Oh is that the regular or Ignition Mode? I usually build 1/144s so I can keep up with gunpla a bit more consistently.

    So what takes more priority, Gundam or mana charging? ^^;

    • gordon says:

      Ignition mode. good thing MG Exia is not complicated so hopefully doesn’t take me too long to finish.

      gosh i can’t decide. i guess gundam for now since i haven’t done one for so long. (‘~’)

  6. Pyoro says:

    Oo i know, you are spying for the empire. very devious indeed ^^

  7. phossil says:

    Lucky Gundam…

  8. Reltair says:

    I want Saber swimsuit version! =/

  9. gordon says:

    get saber and nanoha to help. ^^;

  10. Persocom says:

    Welcome back to the Gundam life? Never had anything against it, I actually think it’s pretty cool, but I never did get into building Gundams or Gunplas. Maybe someone will break me into it eventually though.

  11. mikiwank says:

    You’ll be working on the ExIA MG! Great and welcome back;)
    I got mine last week, I am eager to start to do so, but I must finish before the VF-25 in progress.

  12. Police training? What could this mean? o_0

  13. yumeno says:

    Police? Aren’t you in the army?

  14. gd4u says:

    OMG, tell me u applied for VSC.
    I am still waiting for their final letter to tell me when training starts, for months!!! RWAHH

  15. DemonickAngel says:

    ah hahaha. the evil twins.

  16. Z says:

    o0o Looks like both of us are working on this at the same time though you would be done wayyyy before me ^^;. It’s looking pretty clean :). And I’ve got your patch in the mail! Looks a lot better in person 😀 Thanks Gordon! ^^

  17. kiddai says:

    It’s been a while since I last saw Saber and Gundam posts ^^
    Keep up the good work..maybe more progress about the MG Exia 🙂

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