Gordenette Patch Now for Sale

For a limited time only! While Stocks last. Dolls not included!

From my last post, some of you have expressed interest in buying my Anime Fem Trooper patch. Thus I have decided to set aside a couple of them just for you readers.

Update: Sorry folks, the sale is closed. Gomen. ^_^

Btw thanks to chun who took these pics of my patch with her lovely dolls. The one above is Mirai and the one below is Mirin.

I like Mirin more with her yukata. ^^;


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30 Responses to Gordenette Patch Now for Sale

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  2. phossil says:

    haha, reserve one for me. I’ve never used paypal before. ^^

  3. Z says:

    I am interested in one! But just wondering… don’t you automatically get our addy and stuff like that when we send you money through paypal? so there is kinda no need for another email to confirm our addy and ID ^^;.

    I can send you the money when I get home tonight.

  4. Great patch! PayPal sent for 2 from dmaul1000@aol.com

    Thanks, Ken the ElvisTrooper

  5. Blowfish says:

    I guess ill be able to transfer the money around wednesday ot thursday.I didnt even know that there was an Paypal option to pay in S`Pore Dollars.

    I hope therell still be some left tomorrow ^^

  6. Otakucy says:

    Well well another small item to add to my collection ^^;

  7. Persocom says:

    Am considering buying this.

  8. DemonickAngel says:

    i’ll take 2 patches then.

  9. Pyoro says:

    will like to buy one, but i will have a hard time explaining it to my mum blahh
    will give it a miss… sry

  10. Z says:

    Hope you still haver some patches left because I’ve just sent my payment ^^

  11. andra says:


    I mailed you a question!

  12. Blowfish says:

    Money: Sent
    Awaiting: Anime Fem Trooper
    Hoping for: Real Life Fem Trooper in the mailbox

  13. Sent in payment for 1 ^^

  14. gordon says:

    all e-mails are replied. Thank you all!

  15. coffeebugg says:

    Do you still have any left? I think I could use 1 or 2. 🙂

  16. Edwin says:

    Sent PP for (2) patches 🙂

  17. gordon says:

    no u are not. ^^;

  18. PP says:

    😀 am i too late ?

    If i’m not , i’ll get one too.

    Could i just come down Jurong point area or something ?…

  19. gordon says:

    see can. no touch!

  20. iceydid says:

    is it too late to order one from u???

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