Shana in FHM

Spotted in this month issue of the local edition of FHM are not 1 but 3 Shana(s), or rather amateur models dressing up as Shana.

We can easily tell this isn’t quality cosplay since we all know Shana is flat. Seems like this photo shoot is a publicity by Animax as the second season of Shakugan No Shana just premiered not long ago.

Anyway click on the 2 pics for higher res or if you wanna read the article, which has nothing to do with the anime and contains jargon that only locals will understand.

Well if I have to really choose, I will say 2nd pic the one in the centre has the most Shana feel.


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27 Responses to Shana in FHM

  1. Blowfish says:

    Seems like the Singaporean FHM is of the same dubious quality as its german counterpart ^^;;

  2. misakichii says:

    The “Tsundere Trio”. Hmm..

  3. Kaori says:

    “We can easily tell this isn’t quality cosplay since we all know Shana is flat. ”

    i lol’d.

  4. gordon says:

    among other things. ^^;

  5. Pyoro says:

    eh NO no no no no no no no
    this is just so… wrong none of them are any cute or tsundere as the real thing
    why can’t everyone just settle for time magazine huh.

  6. gordon says:

    cosfail lah. cosf*ck reminds me of cosplay AV. lol.

  7. Kairu says:

    Im not happy about this.. >_>

  8. DemonickAngel says:

    but i would say 2D pls.

  9. Actar says:

    Was dumbfounded when I saw the TV ad on AXN and am still in shock.

  10. TP says:


    I couldn’t stand the recurring advertisement on Animax (yes, I subscribed to the cable channel because it’s part of the cable package) that desecrates the image of a DFC Shana! It’s both horrendous and LOLs!

    …And they still never went the “Japanese dub/English sub” completely.

    • gordon says:

      hey bro, slight off topic, saw u at cosfest but didn’t managed to say hi, u disappeared too fast. O_O

      wanna help me with the birthday wish post? ^^;

      • TP says:

        😛 Yeah, I didn’t manage to say Hi to you (because you were too busy fondling that Cherry Girl… :P)

        And, yes, I’ve done the post already. 😀

  11. razrig says:

    i want flat shana……

  12. valho says:

    failed Shana, don’t think the model even know who is Shana

  13. G2 says:

    No Shana spotted. They are just some gals in red wig and pink undergarments.

  14. andra says:

    pardon, what is FHM? ^^;

  15. abao says:

    abao would like to have a say on this issue’s FHM.

    It is of my opinion that the magazine’s so called ‘cosplay’, has failed to meet the expectations of this hikkikomori in its entirety and has in fact, insulted that constitutes the essence of ‘シャナ’.

    1. The clothes are a bad fit to the ‘models’ (if you will even call them as such) and gives a sloppy impression to viewers.

    2. If they had even the slightest effort put in, they would have bothered to research on offical シャナ artworks published in the megami magazine and degeki daioh.

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  17. Fiama says:

    It appears that the models haven’t watched Shana before..

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