Mascot Parade Orchard Road

In the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore busy shopping district last Saturday, hundreds of costumers, cosplayers, photographers and other random people came together outside Ngee Ann City for one reason, to get as much vitamin D under the hot sun as possible. Apart from that, they are actually here to participate in Singapore’s first ever street costume parade. TK8316 checks it out.

Titled the Youth Mascot Parade, the objective is to get youths to come out and engage in wholesome outdoor activities, in this case wearing of costumes, instead of hiding at home surfing the internet whole day.

Though named as Mascot Parade whereby one usually thinks of mascot as depiction of cute animal representing an organization, there is no restrictions as to what one wants to wear, be it characters from animes, games, movies etc. Personally I feel that Pop Culture Parade sounds nicer but anyway that doesn’t really matters.

02. This fellow is one of the volunteers helping out at the event. Love his fingers and black nails.

03. When yours truly saw this cute yukata girl, only one thing came to mind…

04. …ask for her hand in marriage.

05. She accepted my rose. ^^;

06. Guess what is her answer?

07. The Joker was there as well. This is a very nice shot of him. Not sinister like in the movie but sorrow looking, emitting a very different kind of feel. ^^;
Pic by Rescend.

08. Extremely moe-some looking nekomimi girl in goth-loli dress!
Pic by Emo Oyster. Click on name for more of his pics of the event.

09. She’s so sweet I almost died from sugar overdosage. XD

10. (‘~’)

11. Can I take her home? ^^;

12. The hot weather isn’t stopping the Lich King from gracing the event.

13. Having some sparring fun with Arthas.

14. Supergirl.

15. Lovely girl.

16. This pretty lass is one of the best looking cosplayers at the event.
Pic by kularock. Click on name for more of his pics of the event.

17. When I first saw her, her hairstyle and ribbons reminds me of Rin from Fate/Stay Night and the red jacket of Archer.

18. Lets call her Female Archer then. ^^;

19. Just look at the wall of photographers shooting her. O_O

20. Female Archer was very friendly when yours truly approached her for a picture. She gladly posed with me. ^^;


22. Check out her deviantART page for more of her pictures. She looks beautiful in normal getup as well. ^^;

23. Trying out each other weapons. She with my blaster and me with her swords. Love her swords.

24. She suggested we do a James Bond type pose. ^^;

25. Unbeknown to me. She gave me a kiss. ^^;

To my delight, I found out later this is because female Archer recognised me from my avatar at a local cosplay forum and decided to plant a lipstick mark on my helmet. ^^;

26. Feel so touched. That was very sweet of her. Am very happy. ^^;
Pic by Rescend

27. Thank you blacklash. ^^;
Pic by Rescend

There were a lot of other nice cosplayers but unfortunately I wasn’t able to cover everyone of them. Anyway special thanks to dice who took most of the pictures. Her blog is down so check out her flickr page instead. TK8316 will be very busy these few weeks with his Empire duties so blog updates will be slow. 😦


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34 Responses to Mascot Parade Orchard Road

  1. Roy says:

    xD Awesome coverage Gordon
    That looks pretty cool too, never heard of cosplay parades but would love to join one if I had a chance ^^ I also thought the last cosplayer was Rin at first. Seems like you got a lotta love from the event ;D

  2. YuKi-To says:

    too bad I wasn’t free to drop by tat day 😦

    u can find the neko mimi girl on irc! =P

  3. soonkiong says:

    omg that yukata girl is sooo sweet… she has 酒窝 on her face when she smiles, uber cute…

  4. Actar says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Wish I were there… Curse these exams and this whole ‘studying’ concept. (^.^;)

  5. RyoBase says:

    “11. Can I take her home? ^^;”

    No you can’t. She’s reserved just for me.

  6. chun says:

    lol so now we know who’s the nice droid(S) you talkin about XD by the way U got a typo at 19, shooting not shooing ^^;//// My personal favorite is miss yukata ^o^ Nekomimi comes 2nd 😛

  7. Gunstray says:

    LOL Lich king is small^^.

  8. phossil says:

    The girl in yukata looks very nice.
    Another picture for hot chicks with stormtroopers.. ^^

  9. blacklash says:

    Thank you gordon.

    =D You were really sporting, friendly and warm.
    You bring and expand the spirit of cosplaying to all lengths of the public that attended.

    And because of lovely people like you, it shall always be remembered. =)

    I had so much fun that day, except for a dew hiccups like my belt falling off xDD Velcro came loose.

    I can’t wait to see more of you and take more and more plentiful and wonderful shots with you!

    I am really honoured to have been featured on your blog. Thank you, and yes, you are right.
    I am a female version of Archer, a crossover of Rin + Archer.
    Inspired from a fanart that an artist did. =D

    • gordon says:

      thanks blacklash for dropping by! thank you too. it was fun that day. ^o^

      guys this is the lovely lady who cosplayed as archer. ^^;

  10. Lene says:

    Loving the pics of the yukata girl and archer :3 Nekomimi is adorable, too. So prettttyyyy.

    Will be on the lookout for 501st people at AX tomorrow! Some plan to show up, so hopefully I can catch some pictures of them 😀

    • gordon says:

      lester is not going to troop with the squad?

      • Lene says:

        Not many showed up :<

        Comic Con, however, will be a different story. They're doing a droid hunt and I think they have a Lucasfilm photoshoot, too! Will have to get details later~

  11. rotaku says:

    Very nice cosplay…
    Female archer… hmmm awesome

  12. blacklash says:

    Would like to thank everyone for their compliments.
    Thank you.

    I’m so happy everyone liked it. =D
    And yesh, i love my twin blades too. <333

    Smiles to everyone and have a good one!

  13. WhatsACoder says:

    yukata girl was absolutely cute and I was surprise about the lich king.. i used to play dota and lich king was a skeleton looking dude

  14. DemonickAngel says:

    have fun..

  15. Garion says:

    Nice coverage Gordon!! (you lucky trooper you! XD) Missed the event though. 😦

    Oh well, maybe bump into you at Cosfest 1 wk from now? (if you’re going that is)

  16. Marianto says:

    Hey Gordon! Had a great day that day, truly an eye opener. And yes, the Nekomimi is truly heart melting =D Was great to finally meet you in person too. Cheers.

  17. AK says:

    I am sorry to have missed everything! T_T

  18. razrig says:

    Wooooo… Yutaka girl…. she’s very kawaii~~~~

  19. Pyoro says:

    lipstick trooper. how’s that for a alternative nickname ^^

  20. MrMayat says:

    Crowded event is crowded.

    The selection of “mascots” were eclectic to say the least. I had to be very selective when choosing my “targets”. Female Archer sure had a piercing gaze.

  21. Stifler says:

    Looks like you finally found your droid, Gorden. XD Awesome photos!

  22. Servant Archer and Servant Trooper XD Nice shots ^_^

  23. Saku says:

    Awesome female Rin/Archer cosplayer. I love her look ^^

  24. JasLine says:

    heeeeee…… let hope for another event next year????

  25. That female Archer/Rin was a nice touch and liked the pictures she had on deviantart ^_^. Nice way to be original in cosplaying heh.

  26. Smankh says:

    Archer-ko comes from this doujin of Himura Kiseki : Sword Dancers. He also did Nanoha Betrayers (a continuation of Strikers) which is awesome btw.

    Nice pics !

  27. Mark says:

    Is it just me or does Supergirl look constipated? Awesome pics, btw! Love the series on the Yukata Girl Proposal. ^_^

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