Jealousy, an emotion referring to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a relationship, friendship or love. Like what is demonstrated in this week episode of moe moe kyun anime K-ON!

Finally something noteworthy in the storyline other than the usual snacking, slacking off, playing around, acting cute and all.

As if being the least popular girl in the series wasn’t bad enough, Ritsu has to go through the agony of losing her BFF to someone else. This was not covered in the 4-koma manga.

But as with all feel-good wholesome family-oriented anime, everything turns out well, both kiss and make up, well literally. Would be cool if they really kissed and make… ok nevermind.

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible is going to happen.


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17 Responses to Jealousy

  1. glothelegend says:

    “Finally something noteworthy in the storyline other than the usual snacking, slacking off, playing around, acting cute and all.”

    My thoughts exactly.

  2. Chappy says:

    Wooo~ Seems like a very heartwarming episode.
    Actually Ritsu is my fave girl apart from Mio. XD

  3. Tiny Red Man says:

    wHAT!?? Last episode?.. Nvm.. Maybe it’s just me who’s lagging.. T_T

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  5. abao says:

    haha ritsu is lonely and jealous

  6. WhatsACoder says:

    Slice of Life it is

  7. Smithy says:

    I liked how this episode gave added depth to Ritsu’s character and her bond with Mio, it make Ritsu a more complete person. She did deserve her own moment in the spotlight.

  8. misakichii says:

    OH SHIT, i only realised now that there is only more episode left.

  9. andra says:

    the last picture is a disaster that have destroyed more than 98364726358378396389389 of young lives!

  10. Lene says:

    I really liked this particular episode. I actually shed a tear watching it towards the end, but shhh I didn’t say anything ;x

    On a tangent, I added you on Twitter! 😀

  11. AK says:

    I don’t really care what other people say, but Ritsu has for the longest time been my second-favourite character out of the main 4. Closely following Tsumugi. That said, I actually enjoyed that refreshing change of atmosphere, deviating from the series thus far, very much. Too bad it came a bit too late.

  12. G2 says:

    Nooo!!! Can only see and hear Yui for one more episode. T^T

  13. sbhboi says:

    No more moe moe kyun on Mio after this. 😦

  14. konadora says:

    It really would have been cool if they kissed.. *cough*

  15. RyoBase says:

    I can see nice boat is coming

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