The Storm Warriors

Trailer is out.


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TD8316, proud member of the 501st Legion 銀河帝国五〇一軍团。 Loves anime, Sasara, photography and looking for droids, pretty ones.
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21 Responses to The Storm Warriors

  1. AK says:

    Not to be confused with Storm Troopers. 😛

  2. Persocom says:

    This looks freaking awesome. This is a sequel? Was the first one good? I need to look this up, a couple actors looked familiar there too.

  3. And I thought this was a Storm Trooper reference or something like that.

  4. Danny Choo says:

    Loved the first one. Second one looks good too. Have not watched a Cantonese film for ages.

  5. WhatsACoder says:

    Wow! the effects are totally cool, chinese movies can contend in hollywood movies…

  6. sbhboi says:

    Wow…missed this movie much, how I thought it was ended. So, prequel is out on Dec huh ? Why wait ’til Dec, LoLz.

  7. phossil says:

    trailer is out but movie will be until dec..

  8. DemonickAngel says:

    wah…. interested.

  9. Q says:

    Wow the prequel was already more than 10 years old? Time surely flies…

  10. Chappy says:

    ZOMG! I didn’t know about this. I am a great fan of the first movie.

  11. Lene says:

    Pretty trailer is pretty…

    Because of that, now I want to hunt down the prequel *3*

  12. blauereiter says:

    Looking forward to this too. :]

  13. G2 says:

    Looks great. Liked the first episode. Hope this sequel will be a good one too.

  14. evolution says:

    This is looking good, but I’m not sure if I watched the first movie…

  15. Kona says:

    Wow, a sequel to that long long ago Chinese movie. Cool~
    I think my dad would pick up the DVD when it comes out, hehe. XD

  16. dice chan says:

    Ekin cheng! meltz

    11 years since the last one. i wonder if wind and cloud still looks the same 😐

  17. Sean says:

    Omg finally got Feng Yun part 2! Loved the first one and looking forward to the second one! The trailer looks impressive!!

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