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TK8316 on Hot Chicks with Stormtroopers

Wow what do you know? TK8316 got featured on Hot Chicks with Stormtroopers (HCwS), a blog about well hot chicks with Stormtroopers. ^^; Advertisements

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Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

OMG I don’t believe it! Today got to be the worst day ever! Mum just got the shock of her life as she finally finds out that my car, my Camaro, is actually more than meets the eye.

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Recent Trooping Adventures

1 Imperial Droid database updated with 3 recent events TK8316 was involved in. More after the jump.

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Singapore Blog Awards 2009

Haruhi shines upon me. This year yours truly is very fortunate to be nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards again! O_O

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Jealousy, an emotion referring to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a relationship, friendship or love. Like what is demonstrated in this week episode … Continue reading

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01 Saw this interesting application over at Q’s blog the other day called PhotoFunia. It’s an online photo editing software that combines whatever pictures you upload with a variety of given photo templates flawlessly which is, in a word, unbelievable. … Continue reading

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Lego Movie Posters

I’m a Lego fan. Especially love Lego sets that are based on movies, like Star Wars. ^^; Check out these movie posters recreated with Lego.

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