When our beloved 501st Legion founder brought up the idea of compiling a Legion history book and invited us to contribute stories and photos, I thought since a picture speaks a thousand words and what’s better to present Singapore than the iconic mutant fish Merlion right?

Btw something unbelievable happened when I showed the above group pic to my mum, she can actually tell which one is me eventhough everyone has their helmet on! So far other than my mum, only my Garrison Commanding Officer (CO) and a few other garrison mates can differentiate which one is me among a group of identical looking troopers.

So my CO suggested why not challenge you, my friends and readers, to find me as well since he said you guys/girls seems to be good in pinpointing me out in previous posts. If you are game, leave your answer in the comments.

2. Date is last Saturday 16th May in the late afternoon. Gathering point is the One Fullerton. Thanks to all my senpai and kouhai who turned up for the event. This is the second biggest turnout this year with 19 troopers since St Patrick’s Day in March.

3. Overlooking the construction of the casino on the opposite bay.

4. A crowd starts to form up. Special hanks to AK-kun who took pic 4, 5 and 7. He will be joining the Empire soon.

5. Lord Vader leads the march.

6. And off we go.

7. Reached the Merlion Park which is nearby. Unfolding the 501st banner.

8. A even bigger crowd than just now. O_O

9. Hanging around for a while after the shoot.

10. Guess which one is me?
What is that guy on the right doing photographing our back?


12. this one is cute. ^^;


See whether you can spot me in Pic 1 and 10? Those who guessed correctly will get a cookie and a kiss. (‘~’)


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49 Responses to Merlion

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    Those star troopers should be the next Merlion, amirite?

  2. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    And oh, I think youre the one in the left. Cause you didnt say on the caption that it was ‘your’ back? Oh wait, just ignore me.

  3. Elvin says:

    my guess
    pic 1 – 1st from the left
    Pic 10 – the one on the right without weapon

  4. ed says:

    same guess as elvin.
    u almost always pose holding on to your belt (i think)

  5. yumeno says:

    So how does one distinguish you from the other troopers?

  6. CK says:

    Is it one of those with a logo on the left hand?

  7. DemonickAngel says:

    hope aleast got 4 decent group pics
    got swamed by deaf camera toting zombies like srsly.

  8. razrig says:

    they all look the same ~_~’

    • gordon says:

      unlike clone troopers, every stormtrooper is different in character and personality. ^^;

      • razrig says:

        really?? i thought stormtrooper were newer version of clonetrooper~~~ (my knowledge of the force are weak~~ -_-‘)

        • gordon says:

          After the Clone Wars, the clone troopers were reorganised into the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps and slowly replaced by non-clone recruits. One of the few stormtrooper legion to be of pure clones is the 501st Legion, named in honour of real life 501st Legion. ^^;

  9. WhatsACoder says:

    is your suit custom made? how much does the full set of Storm Trooper cost?

    • gordon says:

      it’s all custom made. depends on which marker. cheapest is around USD700. do not get any armour from ebay.

      which country are u from? let me check if there’s a garrison near u.

    • AK says:

      Hahaha, trade secret my friend. If you wanna know, go join the 501st unit nearest to your location. 😉

  10. konadora says:

    I should aim to be a trooper so that I can attract more girls ^^;

  11. metalotaku says:

    Wow, thats awesome. Cant wait till the day I join the 501st legion, but it would be kinda pointless getting the kit where I live now, its like the smallest city in the world. 😛

    “do not get any armour from ebay.” thanks for the tip, first place I looked 😀

  12. Chappy says:

    Not yet have the chance to see the troopers. One day, i believe.

  13. Pyoro says:

    let me give it a shot

    1 – extreme left, holding his crotch
    10 – the one on the right, leaning on the pole.

  14. puppy52doll says:

    LOL at the crotch comments XD

  15. Manzart says:

    I didn’t know Singapore was invaded and now under Imperial Occupation…

    Does that mean I don’t have to serve NS anymore?

  16. marvinryan says:

    1: last guy on the left of the picture, getting his head wet by the merlion spew. ^^
    10: the one on the right closer to the guy taking a photo of your behinds. ^^;

    btw were you able to get a new helmet?

  17. Scorch says:

    Lol Sg has been invaded by stormtroopers. Never knew there were quite a number of people in sg that love being stormtroopers haha.

  18. phossil says:

    beware of that guy taking photos of your back.. lol ^^
    oh wait, he isnt after you at all..

  19. Shinky says:

    Wow! I wonder do we have such thing in M’sia… >.<"

    Our FRUs would definately fully armed with water pump and shields to play Songkran Festival with you.. =.=""

  20. Rin says:

    Hard to spot you…when there is many others that look like you…

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