Monsters vs Aliens

Once again, many thanks to OMY for inviting me to another movie preview. The first being Star Trek last month and yesterday’s Monsters vs Aliens.

From DreamWorks Animation, Monsters vs Aliens is a 3D animated film about a young woman, Susan, who is hit by a meteorite on her wedding day. Having been exposed to the radiation of the meteorite, Susan grew rapidly in size into a giant and is captured by the military soon after. During her custody, she meet a group of monsters, each with their own distinct personality.

When an Alien invasion threatens Earth, Susan and her new found friends are called to arms to save the world.

Interesting how a bunch of misfits are always able to save the day despite the odds. OK anyway the movie preview is presented in 3D with the use of 3D glasses. This is my first time experiencing it and I must say it is very cool. The movie is alright, rather enjoyable, short and sweet at 1.5 hour with some funny scenes here and there. It’s a free movie so I don’t complain. ^^;

It’s also refreshing to watch an animated movie not about taking animals which I felt was way overused for the past few years.

Monsters vs Aliens trailer below. Movie will be release next Thursday 28th May.

Btw I still like Monsters, Inc more. (‘~’)


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  1. tj han says:

    What, free movies? What is this OMY thing? It’s related to the Wanbao and Sinming? Do you have to do anything in return?

    • gordon says:

      OMY stands for “Online Media for Youth”. it’s a bilingual news and entertainment portal from SPH targeted at youths and youths at heart.

      all i have to do is to blog about the movie and donate 2 litres of my blood.

      • Give blood to see a movie for free? Sign me up! Might get dizzy after a few movies though…

        • gordon says:

          lol. there’s no blood donation required, i was just joking. ^^; anyway blood donation is a good cause. (non related to the movie) was planing to really donate my blood but the blood drive got canceled due to the recent flu virus scare.

    • jungwon says:

      I do think Gordonator in return have to blog and promote this movie… as a form of advertising this movie for them…

      But what if Gordonator watched and dislike the movie, would he stated any bad remark(s) in this blog??? Would u, Gordonator?

      • gordon says:

        haha good question. if i’m not interested in the movie, i will probably not go for preview screening.

        so what if i dislike the movie as u mentioned? i will give my honest opinion. i am grateful and honored to be invited but i won’t give positive reviews just because it’s free. that’s against the point of blogging whereby one should be free to express his thoughts.

        • jungwon says:

          Ok for Bloggin the movie review, which gave good honest and personal review.

          But whats the 2 litres of blood donation? I don’t understand how its link to the movie preview…
          Do u really mean the real physical blood donation?

  2. frog212 says:

    i didnt watch the movie in 3D. M vs A is one of my least favorite movies. I must be racist against monsters. I unno.

  3. Michael Flux says:

    Saw this movie a few weeks back, while no masterpiece, is definitely entertaining.

  4. alvinology says:

    To get invites to movie screenings, media events, you can sign up for the omy Blog Club here:

    Thank you. 🙂

    • gordon says:

      hey alvin, thanks for dropping by. ^^;

      btw guys, what alvin mentioned only applies to those living locally.

  5. Razrig says:

    havent watch it~~~it’s quite hard to watch movie here~~ to far away from where i live~~~~ -_-‘

  6. Gargron says:

    It’s a very nice film, with quite funny humour. Liked it. ^__^

  7. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    I watched the trailer. It wasnt interesting at all. Unlike those old pixar movies like The Incredibles, Cars which are totally amzing and hooked me up. What is happening to animated movies these days?

  8. Q says:

    I rarely watch movies, and usually it’s either my friends or my family who drag me to watch one ^^;

    I agree that there has been a lot of animated films involving animals lately, but this hasn’t turned in my attention either. As for what movies I did bother to watch by myself, they all happened to be war movies ^^;;;;;;

  9. The Geek says:

    I liked Monsters VS Alien. Even went and saw it a second time. Didn’t get to watch it in 3D at either place thou. But that’s ok 3D don’t work for me anyway.

  10. marvinryan says:

    the president was great for LOLs.

  11. WhatsACoder says:

    Cool! You’re now a movie reviewer… I’m thinking watching x:men origins over monster vs. aliens..

  12. DemonickAngel says:

    quote of the movie ” get them off the bridge ”

    and blob takes one car up and wanted to lob it off the bridge.


  13. Pyoro says:

    they give free tickets to bloggers now? hmm it’s been a while since i blogged abt something…

  14. phossil says:

    I havent watched yet. Seat M16,..ummmh, numerated seats.

  15. Rin says:

    I envy you….getting invited to movie previews…
    I already watched all those movies…they were pretty good!!!

  16. Persocom says:

    My son loves the trailer, I’ll probably end up getting it for him when it comes out on DVD. Missed the theater release here

  17. Actar says:

    Ooh, really interested in joining OMY. Will definitely be willing to blog about movies. Kinda hard for me to ask, but how do I get involved in this?

  18. kiddai says:

    I watched the movie few weeks ago when it was released here in the UK. Since my friends wanted to watch the 3D version…so I just tagged along. Cost me 7.20GBP for it. (After student discount)

    Overall, it was a nice movie. Something unexpected. Especially the aliens. But it was a nice laugh watching it with friends ^^

  19. congyuan says:

    awesome new blog! 😀

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