Darth Vader Balloon

Saw this awesome hot air balloon featuring everyone’s favourite Dark Lord on Facebook not long ago. It’s so cool isn’t it? ^^;

Find out more about the inspiration behind the Darth Vader balloon and how it became an reality here.

May the flight be with you.


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24 Responses to Darth Vader Balloon

  1. Now that would be an interesting way to get around town. You wake up to see a big Darth Vader head floating outside your window ^^;

  2. Gunstray says:

    ~Vader is watchig you~

  3. Otaku Dan says:

    That is pretty cool, but if it was the death star that would be awesome

  4. Michael Flux says:

    This sir, is absolutely epic, wow :p I want one of those ^_^

  5. bk201 says:

    holy crap. anime character balloons please!

  6. Pyoro says:

    hey, it would have been more fitting to have a Voldemort balloon right up there, but i guess i could roll with a vader one too ^^

  7. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    Its kinda scary…

  8. Hynavian says:

    Wow, I wonder where they keep the deflated balloon after a balloon spin. (=_=)

  9. Z says:

    Wow… I would be pretty imtimidated if I saw that floating in the sky o_o

  10. aprilius20 says:

    lol, Vader’s full of hot air!

  11. Jungwon says:

    Its cool, can image that the sound of heating hot air into the Vader’s head does resemble the sound of vader’s breathing 😛

  12. blauereiter says:

    Totally smashing ! :]

  13. WhatsACoder says:

    OMG!! that was totally awesome… I imagine it when that’s here in my place.. that would totally draw so much attention…at first It seems as a DartVader helm but when the title appeared I was totally amazed…(^^)

  14. RyoBase says:

    Huge!! o_O” I would like to see Yoda balloon also.

  15. puppy52doll says:

    before I saw the photo load, I thought it was one of those balloon for kids! lol

  16. Shinky says:

    Do you have Nanoha Baloon? Or Belldandy’s? 😛 Love to see those…

  17. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Vader balloon!

  18. I would love to see the rest of the body to match this head’s size!

  19. Roy says:

    Thats awesome, now only if a luke head came out of no where and they started butting heads xD (sounds so wrong XD)

  20. Flying with Darth Vader must be really cool!!! LOL

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