Mio Bowl

Make Haste. Get yours today before it’s all sold out.


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24 Responses to Mio Bowl

  1. jusuchin85 says:

    With all Mio lovers out there by the thousands, it’s no surprise that it’ll be sold out fast!

    I would like to order one. Do you accept credit card? ^^

  2. Razrig says:

    same color…..~_~

  3. Matteas says:

    Awesome! Me wants. I would use it with care and passion ^^

  4. Rin says:

    I will go out and get a Mio bowl…LOL!!!!!

  5. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    I really should buy it now..

  6. Saku says:

    Lol. Where can I buy this?

  7. optic says:

    Does it come with rice? 😛

  8. Smithy says:

    Maybe it comes with a pair of pantsu as well? ^^

  9. Pyoro says:

    i was wondering what the fuss was all about with the bowl until i saw randomc’s posting on episode 6 today
    i am way too slow 😦

  10. RyoBase says:

    Cool! having an ecchi thought while enjoy a bowl of rice at the same time.

  11. AK says:

    Lucky me! Found some at Carrefour at Suntec. Bought me one that quite closely resembles it. Now whenever I look at it / use it, I shall remind myself if episode 6.

  12. Garion says:

    DO WANT. Tell me where to get leh, I want to eat rice with it everyday. lol!

  13. yumeno says:

    Rice bowls are the new pantsu!

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