Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2009 Press Conference

The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison is proud to be involved again in this year’s Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention come August. A press conference was held on the 23rd April in which a small deployment of troopers were sent, in Vader’s absence, to represent the Empire.

2. Pic by playimaginative

3. Newspaper coverage of the press conference. Click to enlarge.

4. Pic by playimaginative

5. Movie Mania, a local movie costuming fan club was present too.



8. Pic by playimaginative

9. Pic by playimaginative

10. Pic by playimaginative

11. Pic by playimaginative

12. Pic by playimaginative

13. Pic by playimaginative

14. This trooper made a grave mistake by asking the Japanese schoolgirl (Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill Vol. 1) what she’s going to use that meteor hammer for.


16. She’s a nice girl actually.


18. Taking a walk outside after the press conference and mingling with the public.


20. This ojou-chan is  so cute. She doesn’t even know how to hold a rifle. ^^;
Guess which one is yours truly?

21. The press conference venue is near the Merlion Park.  The Merlion in the background is a well known local tourism icon.



24. Another lovely schoolgirl. Good thing this one doesn’t carry a weapon. ^^;



27. Till the next mission, TK8316 will sign off for now and enjoy the sea view.


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59 Responses to Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2009 Press Conference

  1. TP says:

    Nice coverage of the press conference, gordon. I anticipate your involvement in STCC later this June. (^.^;)

  2. chun says:

    Mmmmm school girls ^^:;;;;;

  3. FatB says:

    You’re the one on the right of the picture (left of the little girl)

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  5. Jungwon says:

    Just curious,

    does ur ‘TK8316’ got air-conditioning system in the suit or not?
    If no, how u endure wearing it in the outdoor esp. the hot weather now???

    • gordon says:

      the fun of trooping and droid hunting make TK8316 forgets about the heat. ^^;

      • Jungwon says:

        😛 Yup, Happy trooping, TK8316. Then do drink more water.

        • Garion says:

          Which leads me to another question: how do you ‘release bodily fluids’ while still in costume? ^^;

          BTW nice coverage Gordon! Hope to catch u guys at the STGCC. Are you planning on going for other cosplay/game events this yr as well?

          • gordon says:

            we usually sweat it out.

            yup i’m definitely keen on going for cosplay and gaming events. in fact there’s one gaming event mid may which i’ll be attending.

  6. nutcase23 says:

    Eh? No more scorch marks on the Merlion? ^^

  7. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    OOOH Look at all those storm troopers!
    And the Ironman guy is so cool! I wanna see it. 😀

  8. Chappy says:

    I was wondering, how did you manage to ‘tahan’ the suit when the temperature can go up to 35. Kudos to you and your fellow partners.

  9. DemonickAngel says:

    school girls next time i will go.

  10. The Geek says:

    And who said the bad guys never gets the girl.

  11. Err… Is that girl in red in picture #19 giving the finger? 0.o

  12. hamudi says:

    Muhahahahax the pictures are so cool.. makes me wanting to get my own storm trooper suite as well =X and the ironman is cool!!

    Hopefully i get to come down for the convention this year.. stupid NS..

    PS: Thanks for the fig.. hehex

  13. optic says:

    Are one of the troopers you in the newspaper?
    I reckon the ironman was the standout based on colour. =D

  14. Eclair says:

    I see trooping lets you go near and take pictures with girls ^^;
    /adds trooping to memo
    Ah, the ironman is so cool~ Didn’t know there was such an event in Sg at all><

  15. Blowfish says:

    The last picture is great!
    What will our trooper do next on his eternal hunt for a certain droid

  16. Roy says:

    hmm so the girls fall for troopers eh? gotta get me a suit ^^ haha looks like you had fun, and excellent pictures and costumes.
    #21 the gang and their symbol, Merlion xD

  17. Persocom says:

    free admission ftw. nice pictures, hope you find yourself a good droid on one of these missions ^^

  18. marvinryan says:

    look like you’re having a great time.

  19. konadora says:


    That’s my JC uniform! SAJC! *goes to hunt the girl down*

    Ironman looked really, really cool, except I think he’s slightly fat 😦

    Any idea when the event will happen, and will you be in it? I want to meet up with you and say hi or something 🙂

  20. Densha Otoko says:

    Guessing Singapore is competing with Malaysia’s Daicon festival

  21. phossil says:

    nice coverage and cool pictures. Wow, the event looked excelent and awesome cosplay (the guy in predator suit was very real..)

  22. aprilius20 says:

    I think I’ve seen that pose before, hehe. Trooper on the right you be^^;
    What’s the odd-looking trooper supposed to be? I’m not very familiar with SW:3

  23. Danny Choo says:

    >27. Till the next mission, TK8316 will sign off for now and enjoy the sea view.
    Looks like he is thinking about somebody.

  24. yumeno says:

    #16: I saw what you did thar (with your left hand).

  25. G2 says:

    Looking forward to STCC. So u will be at the event as TK8316?

  26. Raven says:

    Yoz long time no see.

    When will STCC be hled again? Hope I am out of slavery by then.

  27. abao says:

    yo gordon. remind this botaku here when the date draws close lawl

  28. RyoBase says:

    Handsome Ironman, sexy Predator <3. Gordon, you look fat though, just kidding.

  29. Rin says:

    Pretty cool!!!!!!
    Iron Man one is!!!!!
    Wow, must be cool to see Stormtrooper in the newspaper!!!!!

  30. Chika-Chin says:

    Who’s that girl cosplaying as?

  31. Hexlord says:

    The schoolgirl does remind me of Sheylara 🙂

  32. Obviously you are the one who gave the girl a feel of your gun.

  33. Anon says:


    lol sorry for the random outburst. just feels weird to see my school here of all places.

  34. kyurga says:

    Must support yo~

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