School Days

Whenever I see school children, it reminds me of a time long ago, a time where life was simpler. There was no Internet, children actually go outside to play with other children. Video games just caught on, the most popular being Street Fighter II. Dragon Ball was a big hit. Almost all boys read the manga and buy the cards, which was quite a craze. Favourite cartoon includes Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, and Transformers etc.

Warning: Long winded story.

I also remember in primary (elementary) school, boys and girls are extremely gender conscious. Meaning to say, boys will only mix with boys and girls will only mix with girls. Seldom do one see individual from either genders making friends with each other.

Boys generally will make fun of girls, call them names and laugh at the girly things they do. Despite these somehow nasty actions, this can also be interpreted as an alternative though peculiar way of expressing affection. Boys are terrible at expressing themselves sometimes.

I also recall we used to sit in groups in class and how friends always like to sit together. But the problem with friends sitting together is that they tend to talk and not pay attention during lessons. The teacher upon pinpointing out the talkative one will effectively (and perhaps to her own amusement) silence him by relocating him to a desk surrounded by girls. Imagine the awkwardness. But that worked pretty well I must admit.

When it comes to PE lessons, the PE teacher always like to separate the boys and girls into two groups. The boys will go about playing their sports and the girls doing whatever they are doing which I can’t really recall. Only during the occasional games do both genders get to interact with each other which can be quite an embarrassing affair because it feels uneasy having body contact with someone you swore not to have any connection with. In actual fact, I think we are just shy.

And you know how friends tend to tease you when they see you with a female classmate in school? Rumors will then start flying how you have an interest in her and set both of you up as a couple! Needless to say both parties will feel extremely embarrassed but I guess deep down the boy enjoyed the attention, more so if the girl in question is cute and all.

All this changes when one gets to Secondary School (Junior High), where most boys will suddenly develop an interest in girls, or more specifically, boobs. Quiet, withdrawn guys unfortunately are always at the end of the line compared to the popular guys. It’s pity because in school (regardless of levels) is a great time to get to know girls, when things are simple and they have no expectations of you unlike when you get older, things get increasing complicated and the challenges are so much higher. Does not matter if thing do not work out. It’s the memory that counts. Do not leave any regrets of youth.

P.S. K-ON! on my watch list this new season.


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  1. Smankh says:

    Hey, I expected a NICE BOAT and I got a sad biography.

    I totally agree with you on all this btw.

  2. nutcase23 says:

    Sorry, something else came to mind when I say the post title. =P

    Yeah, K-ON! kicks ass.

  3. wongtcsg says:

    Those are the days, i remember well.
    But seems like nowadays, things are more different.
    Boys and girls mix around like nothing.
    I am getting old.

  4. double says:

    I went to an all-boys secondary school, so no chances for me. My current life in Poly’s about the same as it was when I was back in secondary school.

    My luck sucks.

    • gordon says:

      nice to see u dropping by. same for me. not much girls in my dept. nice girlies are always in business and mass comm… 😦

  5. phossil says:

    The same as Double for me. It was until High school when I started with my girly fascination but because of my early student life Im a little shy with girls.

  6. Persocom says:

    I’m sort of getting to relive my youth since my son is at that prime age of 5 now. Unfortunately I don’t have many fond memories of school (still enough to reminisce about though) but I do remember being made fun of because I hung out with girls earlier on then most of my peers did. Maybe that’s a reason I ended up marrying at a young age and having a kid. One of these days I think I’ll do a little auto-biography series of posts or something like that.

  7. Hangmen says:

    My days in primary school… doesn’t leave much of good memories. More bad ones than good. Secondary school was better, but feels only a marginal improvement than primary school, though Form Six was the best of the secondary years. In comes my current university life and I tell you, despite the lack of sleep I’m getting from doing my studies and assignments, it’s the best life ever.

  8. Blowfish says:

    Oh boy you just remineded me of my early School Days…Its funny that its this equal even though you are across the globe.
    the only difference is that girls and gyus werent seperated in PE class.

    Man this makes me feel old once again ^^;;

  9. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    I hate school. Period.

  10. FatB says:

    You’re old.

  11. goodyfun says:

    That’s true, what you said about the teacher putting a loud boy with the girls to get him to be quiet. I forgot about that!

    I went outside to play all the time when I was a small child, but rather then the Internet and video games at that time, parents were worried about too much TV and video watching. It’s always something. I wonder if before even THOSE things, parents would have their kids get outside if they were reading too much? Wouldn’t that be funny?

  12. Neutrinos says:

    K-ON rocks my world too, if only they would sound better =P

    I agree with FatB, you are old. I guess ya as old as me. Haha…

  13. Hmm… when I was in Elementary (or Primary) school I used to hang around with the girls. Not caring what the boys say. Unfortunately this one girl took advantage of me and that pissed me off. When I moved to Vancouver I was too shy so I didn’t really talk to the girls much or the boys for that matter.

  14. Divine Fang says:

    I need a flux capacitor!

  15. bk201 says:

    thinking back to primary school,we had girls who played handball so we were friends with them. schools going to end soon for me. i feel sad.

  16. aprilius20 says:

    I sure miss those pointless days in school><
    For the record, college/uni without a campus is no fun at all *wails*

  17. optic says:

    My primary school memories are kinda cloudy. I remember bits and pieces but nothing really solid.
    The best memory is when I slipped in the mud when I try to cross the mud field. lol

  18. Lene says:

    Even though I had the most craziest kinds of drama back in junior high/high school, I never leave those memories behind. They’re actually quite amusing to look back upon :3

  19. puppy52doll says:

    @FatB you’re olderer HAHA!

    @gordon I was rather awkward when I was growing up too ^^; I actually got along better with boys maybe cos I was tomboyish 😛 but it kinda sucked cos most of my guy friends (esp the good guys) treat me as the kid sister rather than a possible romantic interest ^^;

  20. Chappy says:

    小2时, 同学一到 recess time, 就会马上冲到食堂的集合处, 用水壶霸位。 这是因为当时, recess 结束之后, 我们都需要在集合处排队, 再由老师带回课室。 个个都想排第一嘛。
    小6时, 大家都很喜欢一大早去学校, 聚在集合的地方聊天。 有时天还没亮, 我们就到学校了。
    可是, 小学最让我印象深刻的, 就是校内牙医!

    • gordon says:

      排队争排第一? 我想是女生吧, 男生都喜欢排后面. XD


      对了 lol 牙医,当时大家都好怕牙医! 现在想想,免费的看牙有什么不好?XD

      • Chappy says:

        没有哦。 当时不管是男是女都喜欢排第一。 XD 年纪小嘛~
        有免费牙医我是很开心啦, 可是问题是他们很凶。 我还记得我每次去看牙医, 他们都会用手扒开我嘴巴。 我已经张开嘴了, 到极限了, 可是他们说不够。 现在我一看到牙医就怕。 =.=”’

  21. Roy says:

    Thats how nowadays are for me ^^ haha except most of us just yell at each other on the phone or send text,technology really cut down one-on-one conversations :/ also its mostly gossip and girls wanting guys and guys wanting girls more than having dreams of flying to the moon or something like back then but I like it ^^

  22. Webstar says:

    Good thing I wasn’t a lolicon back then.

  23. Danny Choo says:

    You didn’t talk about tissue?
    And lol at the banner you made with dolphin near mirai-chans hand ^^;

    • gordon says:

      tissue? what tissue? (‘~’) boys back then are more concern about the weekly chapter of dragon ball than anything else. hehehe. (‘~’)

      the dolphin is your unofficial 3rd mascot. kekeke. (‘~’)

  24. Kona says:

    Hahaha, I must agree with everything you said up there. XD
    And on an added note, some girls do actually enjoy the tease deep within them if the guy is cute or when they harbour a liking towards the guy secretly, lol. I have a friend who’s like that. ^_^

    Oh, and quoting my Add. Maths teacher, “You’ll have a looot of time in college. You can even get 3 girlfriends at once. *smirks*” lolol, not sure whether that’s true though, haha. XD

    Ushiooooooooooo~ <333
    Epic introduction pic is epic.

  25. I am not sure. Are Singaporean teenage romances interesting?

  26. I remember those awkward elementary school days. Good times, good times. One guy I know took his teasing too far and it took me a looong time to forgive him, >.> But I got over it.

  27. blauereiter says:

    Haha, yeah life was much much simpler. I basically breezed through primary school playing, catching fishes in Bishan Park and what not. It was a great time.

  28. konadora says:

    Lol I thought this was going to about NICE BOAT, but it was a good read nonetheless ^^;
    “All this changes when one gets to Secondary School (Junior High), where most boys will suddenly develop an interest in girls, or more specifically, boobs.” I laughed so hard at this statement, but I must admit, it’s kind of true. And it got worse when I entered JC this year, guys got more bold, girls more open?

    Those ‘old days’ still remains back in my hometown in the countryside, where it is less developed, kind of cute to see all those teasing and stuff.

    Oh, and @The Sojourner:
    From what I saw in my secondary school life and what I see outside, I don’t really think it is :3

  29. soonkiong says:

    I miss my primary/secondary school days. Carefree and stuff. Now in the university it’s all about assignments and exams. ^^;;

  30. metalotaku says:

    Haha “more specifically, boobs”, you got that one right 😛

    True though, those were simpler days, but I kinda hated growing up, I never fitted in, everything was always awkward for me. Still don’t fit in actually, but its just easier to deal with as an adult.

    There were some good times, when all I cared about was coming home to play Starcraft or Age Of Empires, and not worrying about managing my finances and balancing work and study time.

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