Gundam 00 S2 Episode 25 – Lessons of Life From Patrick

Having survived yet another deadly encounter, the Immortal Colasour once again lives up to his name and wins the heart of his beloved Colonel Kati. Pardon for the missing episode 23 and 24 posts. Something unforeseen known as Life has taken a toll on me this past weeks and time seems to be running exceptionally fast these few days.

Today I will not talk about the storyline, better reviews can be easily found at other anime bloggers’ blogs. Instead lets talk about the man who cheated death as frequent as James Bond himself.

The first contact

Patrick’s simpleton personality is a huge contrast to the other characters in the series. Patrick doesn’t have a care in the world, is happy go lucky and acts on his own instincts, all in a comical way. In Gundam 00’s war torn era, majority of the cast go through emotional trauma like separation from love ones, seeking revenge, self uncertainties etc. Patrick’s optimistic persona is in a way estimable.

Patrick’s happy ending in the last episode, marrying Kati, also brought forward an interesting observation. First of all, not only does Kati hold a higher rank than Patrick, is his superior but also is 5 years older than him as well.

In real life and form an Asian’s perspective, most guys would prefer to go for girls in their age group and one that is of equivalent social status in terms of education and job position as them. This form of prejudice speaks true in most Asian societies. There is a Chinese saying “女子无才便是德” meaning a girl without talents is an asset. Guys often lack the courage to woo outstanding and capable girls because guys will view themselves as unworthy and distantiate from them. I believe career women also would not like a guy who is underachieving right? Not to mention tongue wagging from people around as well, discrimination on how a lowly guy dares to go for a girl above his league.

Our dear Patrick is here to prove us wrong. Not bothered by the obvious differences in age, position and authority, Patrick has always been openly expressing his love for Kati. Just when we thought he scarified heroically 2 episodes ago to save his Colonel, lives to win Kati’s hand in marriage. Dramatic and corny as it may be, all’s well ends well.

Many times, pressure from society’s standards often hinders us from pursuing true happiness. Is it about time we unlock these chains binding us from doing the things we really want to do and be who we really want to be?

P.S. Ribbons lost because of naked Tieria. I don’t blame him. Who can resist a naked Tieria? :3

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16 Responses to Gundam 00 S2 Episode 25 – Lessons of Life From Patrick

  1. karry says:

    “In real life and form an Asian’s perspective, most guys would prefer to go for girls in their age group and one that is of equivalent social status in terms of education and job position as them.”

    Uhh…thats not an Asian perspective, thats common sense.

  2. sbhboi says:

    “Ribbons lost because of naked Tieria.”

    Dang right there. =3 Especially in Innovades mode…XD

  3. puppy52doll says:

    LOL I was like WOAH WOAH!!! When Tiera made a move on ribbons NAKEDDD lolol

  4. agito says:

    just like end of evangelion….

    just Tiera haven’t “mass produced” in anime…
    if not, mankind sure doomed and turned into GN particle instead fluid? XD (refer to end of evangelion….)

  5. congyuan says:

    yes it is gordonator buttie 🙂

  6. Shinky says:

    “Ribbons lost because of naked Tieria.”

    ROTFLOL… =)) How true.. how true…

  7. Paliodor says:

    Last episode of Gundam 00 was very good, really like the final battle between Setsuna and Ribbons. If it goes about naked Tierie then well… no comment 😀
    Now we have to wait for 2010 and Gundam 00 movie ^^

  8. pus2meong says:

    See? my hunch is right. He’s alive, and marrying kati, hahahaha

  9. Gi says:

    Ya think Tieria will pilot a gundam on the 2010 movie? I hope he comes out in the flesh (hopefully not naked anymore) =).
    But if he comes out as a meister again, he would probably be better than Setsuna coz he is now one with Veda.

  10. yo know who i am says:

    gordonnnn update Gundam 00 S2 please…..

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  12. Lena says:

    “i don’t dare speak for other ethnics as i never live among them thus might not fully understand their way of life.”

    I’m from east europe and for me too patrick’s succes is a great mistery. kati was such a capable and wise women, yet she ended up with such a moron. how was it even possible? of course it was! it’s gundam 00’s magic!
    By the way, Gordon, thanks for your comments about Gundam 00. I had a lot of fun after every episode, while reading your posts.

    Tieria… i would like to write something about him but i just can’t.

    Ok, i know it’s dumb but i have to say it: sorry for my english, it may be really bad but i hope you will understand me.

  13. paris says:

    already finish…too bad

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