Upcoming Events St Patrick Day and Fanboys


Are you a FAN?

Two exciting trooping events coming up. Do join us if possible.

Event 1: St Patrick’s Day Parade 15th March 2009 Sunday 3.30pm

Saint Patrick’s Day is a Irish national holiday celebrating Saint Patrick. Into it’s fourth year here in Sinagpore, this year’s parade will wind its way from the Raffles Statue on Boat Quay across the Singapore River to the UOB Plaza & will include marching bands, 80+ bagpipers, Asian cultural performers, Irish dancers & a wide range of people, young and old. The parade will end at 5.15pm but there will be street parties till 9.30pm.


Some pics from last year’s event.

There will be cool lightsaber fighting by Jedi from Team SEJA. Check out last year’s performance below.

So if you are in the area this Sunday, do come on down and join us. It’s going to be fun. We shouldn’t be hard to miss. ^^;


Event 2: Fanboys Preview Screening 18th March Wednesday 7pm


If you haven’t heard about the movie, watch the trailer below.

When it comes to being fanboys, you can be sure the 501st Legion will be there. A preview screening will be held on 18th March 2009 Wednesday 7pm at Cinema Europa, GV VivoCity. Locals who are interested to catch the movie and hang out with us after the show, tickets can be purchased online here or at the box office before or on the actual day.

Will be awesome if anyone can make it for either or both the events. Take care and see you around. ^^;


About sergeant gordon

TD8316, proud member of the 501st Legion 銀河帝国五〇一軍团。 Loves anime, Sasara, photography and looking for droids, pretty ones.
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22 Responses to Upcoming Events St Patrick Day and Fanboys

  1. nutcase23 says:

    Another invasion of Singapore =O

    • gordon says:

      will u be dropping by this sunday bro? not only us, we have team SEJA as well, a group of pro sword fighters who will be staging a lightsaber fight. very cool! 8)

  2. Fariz Asuka says:

    Ooo.. So many events this month.. >.<

    After watching the trailer of FanBoys, I am tempted to watch it.. Looks hilarious indeed.. I might join you guys on the day itself.. ^^

  3. demonick_angel says:

    of course i`ll be interested to watch the movie.

  4. Marianto says:

    Hey I will be around that area on this Sunday. Might catch you there ^^

  5. dice says:

    I’ll try to make it for 18 march! Happie White Dae! by the way! 😛

  6. andra says:

    Uwah.. Why did I saw this only now? ;_;

  7. Marianto says:

    Ahh..Damn the rain. If not for it I could have went over to meet you up..

    Oh and btw, I wonder if the parade still persist due to the rain?

  8. Hangmen says:

    No Irish troopers with laser bagpipes?

  9. GNdynames says:

    You guys have St.Patty’s day? o.o

    Umm…yeah, did you get wasted after? ^^;

  10. marvinryan says:

    didn’t know about fanboys, must check out that movie. ^^

  11. RyoBase says:

    I see the clone war. Anyway, that movie is gonna be real funny.

  12. Spiff says:

    Yo dude, I think you mixed it up a little. It’s the 4th parade to be held in SG, not 3rd.

    Just a heads up =)

    The rain was awesome though, been a long time since we’ve got caught in rain like that.

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