Random Phoot Shoot 4

Another slice of life edition with photos from this sunny island.

China Town.

Cows like this one here were spotted island wide not long ago. it’s an on and off marketing effort by an advertising agency whose name is on the tip of my toes (hmm where did I learn this expression from? ^^;). Now it’s all removed.

There were past cases where the cows are stolen (to keep as souvenir perhaps?). So we see this sign being put up now. If you ask me, it’s just a cheap trick to scare would be thieves. There’s no camera really. Not cost effective at all.

Dinner with Mikuru.

Lovely nurses next table.

A Star Wars fan at the workplace.

Majority of Singaporeans live in these high rise flats.

I was rather surprised when I saw this pic. I thought it was somewhere in Singapore. It’s Japan actually.

What colour is this? I can’t differentiate between pink and purple very well.

A rare sight of a tree blossom with pink flowers. Only spotted 1 or 2 of them in some areas. If any locals know where there are lots of them please let me know.

The imouto must be thinking, “Why is this strange uncle taking a photo of us?” (‘~’)

Till next time. Thank you and have a nice day. Stay safe.

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33 Responses to Random Phoot Shoot 4

  1. Otaku Dan says:

    is that your cubicle ?

  2. Q says:

    Nice photos as usual. Oh man those sushis and rolls look nice… I still have a short period of time before I can go back and indulge them in Hong Kong…

  3. Hangmen says:

    Dude, if you take the picture of the imouto pair in America or Australia, they’ll surely FBI PARTY VAN your house.

  4. Jacques says:

    Wow, you really had me there with the “HDBs”, was dead-sure they were from Singapore for the moment until you mentioned that they were from Japan instead.

    As for the flower, I’ll have to say it’s abit both.

  5. Gunstray says:

    Hmmm the “Boys need girl” shirt, I think I saw someone wearing that LOL

  6. Marianto says:

    Didn’t know that Japan actually have High Rise apartments like what have here in Singapore.. Was actually trying to identify the location until I saw the caption below it 😀

  7. tj han says:

    FUCK seeing your pink tree picture just reminded me that near my own house, a week ago, I saw a sakura (or what appears to be one) in full bloom, and told myself to photograph it. But since forgotten. Was this one the Hillview one?

  8. optic says:

    “Cows under surveillance” hahahaha
    That just made my night. 🙂

  9. k says:

    interesting work place. I see a mac. ^^ and lots of star wars toys!

  10. Scorio says:

    the kid must be thinking “PEDOBEAR ALART!”

  11. Chappy says:

    Hey, ngee ann poly. That’s where i study. XD
    By the way, what lens do you usually carry around for your photoshoot?

  12. gordon says:

    @ Otaku Dan,
    nope but i wish it is.

    @ Q,
    enjoy your English tea for the time being.

    @ Hangmen,

    @ Jacques and Marianto,
    uncanny resemblance with our HDB flats it has.

    @ Gunstray,
    probably me. 😦

    @ tj han,
    the one i photographed are at 2 different location. one is near when DM used to study and the other near Chinese garden MRT. the latter location has more flowers.

    @ optic,
    maybe they hired ninjas to stand guard. lol.

    @ k,
    if i have that much toys at my toys, i can’t really concentrate on work. (‘~’)

    @ Scorio,
    who who who!? (‘~’)

    @ Chappy,
    usually my kit lens the 18-55mm. more versatile as i can switch between wide angle and portrait. i’m surprised your 450D comes with a 18-200mm kit lens. that’s pretty good. it covers all aspects of your photography needs namely wide angle, portrait and telephoto zoom. cool!

  13. phossil says:

    — Boys need Girls –> True. 🙂

    That cubicle dont have much space for job papers actually. ^^

  14. Chappy says:

    Yea, i chose the 18-200mm one because it covers the general photography needs. Need to pay more though. T^T Still exploring my 450D. XD

  15. marvinryan says:

    whoa, looks like someone went to Danny’s old office and ransacked it. love how they have a roof in your china town, I remember the last time I was there was to look for DVDs on special sale. ^^;

  16. andra says:

    Nice photos! ^^ I love the last photo!

    I was actually one of those who wanted to carry the cow home lols but my friends stopped me. The first time I learnt that Japan has high-rise buildings is actually when watching Minami-ke ^^; Near my house there has purple flowers though!

  17. Aww, the poor kid looks so confused. xP

    And the pink flowers tree looks really pretty. What kind of tree is that?

  18. MrMayat says:

    Interesting tree. I gotta go to Chinese/ Japanese Garden one of these days for a macro shoot.

  19. puppy52doll says:

    hehe dinner with mikuru picture looks like something Danny would take! lol Miss shopping in SG!

  20. Rin says:

    That is a lot of Star Wars stuff…A LOT!!!!!!
    That t-shirt (first picture) is sooo true!!!!!

  21. Z says:

    Nice relaxing photos you took there. The landscape, the nice weather, the kids chilling… so peaceful.

  22. blauereiter says:

    Hahaha, the “cows under surveillance” picture cracked me up.

  23. gordon says:

    @ Chappy,
    got a digicabi?

    @ andra,
    lol @ carry the cow home.

    @ Coco the Bean,
    no idea really.

    @ the rest,
    thanks for comment. ^^;

  24. Chappy says:

    Not yet buy a digi cabi, but going to get it soon. Need some time for my money to respawn. XD Still need to get some other stuff as well. My $$$~

  25. Saku says:

    Cool Tshirt ^^

  26. dice says:

    The candle picture looked strangely familar. LOL. so where’s the pix with my big fat face? LOL

  27. gordon says:

    @ Chappy,
    maybe i can lend u my money printing printer.

    @ Saku,
    even cooler when worn. (‘~’)

    @ dice,
    no such pic at all cos there was no big fat face.

  28. AK says:

    The one responsible for the cows is Moove Media.

    Also, that ‘sakura’ tree is actually a Malaysian native tree. Forgot the name, it’s also in Malay.

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  30. Blowfish says:

    Have you been nursed by the nurses afterwards? ^^

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