501st Legion Singapore Garrison Invades China Square Central

Having been tipped off on the whereabouts of some stolen Imperial droids, Lord Vader leads a squad of troopers to recover the stolen properties.

Location: China Square Central
Date: 150209
Time: 1300 to 1530

Those who frequent China Square Central will know that there’s a toy bazaar every Sunday afternoon. Merchants will set up stores to sell their wares, usually Star Wars/Transformers stuffs and other old toys from our childhood. Unlike Mos Eisley where Obi Wan describes as a wretched hive of scum and villainy, this is a very good place to start looking for droids.

First off, check out my senior and his bike.

Coolest Biker Scout ever.

“You have failed me for the last time,” chokes.

A look at the crowd when the troopers are in action. ^^;
See that sexy back in the centre foreground wearing a white dress?

She came up to TK8316 and took a picture with yours truly. Lovely droid. ^^;

This imouto is so cute. Tempted to take her home.

At my favourite toy shop ToynToys where I pre-order most of my figures and toys. They have the best price in town.

Grabbing a bite before heading off to look for more droids.

Reading The Imperial Times as TK8316 waits for his order.

Did she just punched me? It’s Ok. She has beautiful legs. ^^;

“What do you mean this droid is taken? I found it first.”
Haha Just kidding. Hope her boyfriend don’t mind. ^^;

2 dudes from Croatia (I think). Nice to meet them. ^^

Checking the timetable for the next Imperial shuttle back to base.

Do you think this dress looks good on me?

Special thanks to AK who took most all of the pics. Pardon the noisiness and darkness in the pics. Lightning wasn’t very good. Stay tuned for a major announcement soon and TK8316’s next droid hunt.


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31 Responses to 501st Legion Singapore Garrison Invades China Square Central

  1. sbhboi says:

    Wah… This is cool-o-awesome-ness !! Seems like bro got all the attention wor. XD

  2. Kippei says:

    I was there!!!!

  3. Recon says:

    Cos this trooper deserted us and went on a droid hunt frenzy!!..

    Hmm TK 3848 will join in the hunt too next time 😛

  4. chun says:

    8 bucks! what a steal! lol and the first droid with the white dress, i like her dress ^^;

  5. FatB says:

    Despite his armor being so shiny, this trooper is dirty.
    Haha… j/k

  6. bk201 says:

    LOL $8!!

    Nice photos there.

  7. Panther says:

    That bike is the same one I ride, except your senior modded it. Is that a Yoshimura pipe I see? Those are expensive…and are usually stopped by the traffic police on the roads lol. Nice camou paint he put on it though.

  8. Chappy says:

    Too bad i didn’t manage to go there. D=
    Hopefully you will invade CSC for the second time soon. XD

  9. Mimi says:

    OH nice! You senior on the bike looks like he came straight out of a movie. Wait, you all look like you came straight out of a movie. xD 8 bucks no way! You should buy and give to that hot chick that punched you lol

  10. Otaku Dan says:

    it seems that women like a man in uniform

  11. AK says:

    Yeah, next time I’ll set the ISO correctly lol.

    Taking all those photographs has made me realize that we have about as many pretty girls around here as anywhere else, like say Japan or the USA. I think it’s cos I’m spending too much time in school. Sure, we have short skirts, but it doesn’t help the lack of pretty faces.

    Also, I can’t wait for next month. 😀 Will be joining you guys at last, but not as a photographer. 😉

  12. andra says:

    NO WAY! $8?? I should head down there soon lols.

    Did your senior actually ride his bike on the road just like that? ^^; I think people will knock into the tree ^^;

  13. gordon says:

    @ sbhboi,
    not me. the crowd loves vader. :3

    @ Kippei,
    really? Got pics? ^^;

    @ Recon,
    haha. no problems bro. follow me next time. ^^;

    @ chun,
    love the white dress droid as well. she’s cute and dress is very short. :3

    @ FatB,
    LOL! btw show me your identification!

    @ bk201,

    @ Panther,
    may i sit on your bike next time we meet? in armour?

    @ Chappy,
    we will be going back there for sure. too many pretty droids to find. XD

    @ Mimi,
    i bought the dress. but it’s for myself. :3

    @ Cavalock,
    thank you!

    @ Otaku Dan,
    and vice versa my friend.

    @ AK,
    yes correct ISO is very important. but nevertheless the lighting there aren’t good so no biggie. rather noisy then blurry i say.

    @ andra,
    people will knock into the tree because they couldn’t keep their eyes off my senior in armour? ^^

  14. rangerroh says:

    Totally awesome! Those stormtrooper outfits are a chick magnet! looks totally fun!

  15. phossil says:

    Funny how the taken droid punchs you, maybe you deserved that, lol.

    AK will join the legion? Ok, but who will be the photographer next time?

  16. demonick_angel says:

    ISO settings is one thing. but there are more ways to play the camera if ISO is restricted.

  17. AnakinSg says:

    I was vader and lost contact with this trooper when he went on a droid hunt…. I must keep an eye on him in future as I think he is after all my chicks…LOL

    I still had Celeste Chong’s lipstick mark on my mask from the previous troop…… Never going to was that part now. Just a shame I was masked up……Maybe next time!

  18. Rin says:

    Too bad I don’t live in Singapore…
    Cool places to go and a lot of Star Wars troopers the eye can see!!!!!!

  19. Garion says:

    Seems to me that you have no trouble locating droids, stolen or not. Wonder what it is up with that stormtrooper outfit which makes it so sexually appealing to the opposite sex lol. XD

    Nice coverage. And btw your armour still looks too squeaky clean! lol.

  20. pus2meong says:

    force FX lightsaber!

    I got Yoda FX 🙂

  21. gordon says:

    @ rangerroh,
    it sure is.

    @ phossil,
    ya, kinda worried no one to take photos of us in future. 😦

    @ demonick_angel,
    do bring your girl for our next trooping. uncle trooper will love to see her again. u can be our photographer as well. ^^

    @ AnakinSg,
    sorry my lord. it will never happen again.

    @ Garion,
    sexually appealing? oh my. (‘~’)

    @ Rin,
    u will see more of us next month.

  22. Q says:

    Everybody seems to be wearing t-shirts and thin clothings. Is it really hot in Singapore right now?! o_O

    Your senior + bike combo is pretty cool indeed~

  23. Gunstray says:

    Your scout has a SWEET RIDE, ALSO IT LOOKS MODDED. Also you seem to be getting more droids attention.

  24. bob83hello says:

    solid man! too bad i missed it

  25. Blowfish says:

    Its crazy how your Trooper posts always bring a smile to my face…24 years and Im still a total child ^^

    Are People touching your crotch etc. like Danny? You cant feel it after all

  26. Danny Choo says:

    Many cute girlies!

  27. gordon says:

    @ Q,
    Singapore is summer all year round. lots of droids in tank top and shorts. (‘~’)

    @ Gunstray,
    everyone get their fair share of attention.

    @ bob83hello,
    welcome. stay tuned for the next event.

    @ Blowfish,
    haven’t encountered that yet.

    @ danny,
    yes lovely lovely… (‘~’)

  28. Vixion says:

    good job!!! nice report 😀

    so you’re a lolicon lol

  29. meronpan says:

    all your posts make me want my own armor! i don’t think i’m ready for the commitment thou orz

  30. Tommy says:

    That good trooping you trooper! Got recruit any trooper lately to join the empire?

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