TK8316 Featured in Magazine, A New Look and Other Stuffs

TK8316 investigates a strange looking droid known as vending machine.

So what is yours truly the droid hunter being up to lately?

Well he is featured on a local gaming magazine Playworks in an article about last year’s EOY cosplay event.

A closer look at the lovely droid he found during his hunt.

She’s actually a relative of a friend who was there as well.

Last weekend was spent modding the armour. Changed how the shoulder bells and thighs amours are attached to the main body piece. Was using thick velcro previously which restricted my movement. Now new straps are added which gave me more flexibility like be able to sit (finally!) and more freedom when swinging and lifting my arms.

Karsten, a fellow 501st comrade from the White Shadows Squad, a sub division of the German Garrison traded his patch with me. Danke schön!

As part of my eternal quest of looking for the droid I am looking for, I have enlisted into the Mos Eisley Police Academy as a police cadet. I’m still pretty n00b as you tell from the cleanliness of the uniform. Added a pauldron (black for enlisted trooper white for sergeant and orange for squad leader). Will be getting ammo pouches soon. Weathering and backpack will not be part of immediate plan. Still love being a Stormtrooper. 😀

Lastly, we will be having a small trooping session this coming Sunday at China Square Central after 2pm. If you think you are the droid we are looking for, please come on down to support us. See you there. ^^;


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19 Responses to TK8316 Featured in Magazine, A New Look and Other Stuffs

  1. k says:

    Cool stuff man!

  2. chun says:

    woo congrats on getting featured gordon ^O^!

  3. Blowfish says:

    Any chance that youll invade germany with the white shadows?

  4. optic says:

    This is only a small stepping stone but it’s getting to where u wanna be.
    Congratz. ^^d

  5. marvinryan says:

    Congratulations Gordon! btw how long ago was the China Square Central picture? I remember those sidewalk barricade were there the last time I was in Singapore. ^^;

  6. Neutrinos says:

    Congrats on the feature!
    What shenagians are planned on sunday?

  7. Q says:

    Congrats on the feature!

    LOL at the SMILE X_X guys in the mag just right of you; it looks like that the L’arc~en~Ciel thing there doesn’t die out afterall 😛

  8. Z says:

    congratulations on being featured on a mag! ^^

    and wow… never knew you couldn’t sit in armor before o_o. Trooping, while fun, must be more exhausting than it seems… ^^;

  9. Danny Choo says:

    Your armor is so shiny!

  10. Chappy says:

    Congrats!!! Gordon is invading the magazine. Oh, i may be going to down CSC this sunday. O.o

  11. Stifler says:

    You are now a celebrity, Gordon!

    Through they should have posted a link to your blog there. XD

  12. andra says:

    The stormtrooper here shall dominate the world! ^^;

    I love those patches! They look cool. The little trooper beside is vey cute too!

  13. jusuchin85 says:

    First Singapore… Then, the world. Finally, the galaxy!

    Congrats on being featured, gordon. So, when are you meeting up your fellow Stormtrooper in Japan? ^^;

  14. gordon says:

    @ all,
    thanks for the comments. Only the picture is featured, there’s no mention of me or any of the cosplayers in the magazine. article is just a summarised write-up of the event.

    @ Blowfish,
    will certainly love to troop with the brothers from the German Garrison is there’s a chance.

    @ marvin,
    barricade was there since last year. some road works which seems to take forever to finish.

    @ Neutrinos,
    just some casual trooping and to let the new members try out their armour.

    @ Z,
    trooping is exhausting but very fun!

    @ danny,
    it won’t be shinny anymore once i pass out from the academy. (‘~’)

    @ Chappy,
    awesome! don’t forget to come up to me to say hi. u can keep yourself anonymous. i can give u my card as well. ^^;

    @ jusuchin85,
    i have set my eyes on a certain famous one with the moves. lets see how things works out.

  15. balance says:

    OMG Good stuff man! Fitting the armor into a suitcase lol. I just fine that cool and funny ^^

    May the otaku force be with you

  16. phossil says:

    Wow. the German Patch is very cool!

  17. RyoBase says:

    you got featured? congrats bro ^^;

  18. Hangmen says:

    If I had to go out with an armor, I’d like to have either of the following:

    1. Helghast soldier outfit.
    – OK, not really an armor, but you can’t deny that soldiers in menacing gas masks are better than sex.

    2. Brotherhood of Steel armor.
    – Since Stormtrooper armor are kinda overrated, I’d go with a BoS armor from Fallout for the sake of variety. Unfortunately, I’ll surely get comments from people mistaking it as a Stormtrooper armor.

    Now, how much money must I save…

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