Random Photo Shoot 3

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This is the train station near my house. For locals, guess where?

Inter winding tracks. Majority of the train stations are above ground.

While the rest are underground. It looks empty now.

Crowded moments later.

Me taking a pic of the mirror on the ceiling. Can you find where I am in the picture?

Platform. Waiting.

Went here for movie. Lots of newly opened figure and toy shop.


Young people next table. Good to be young.

Chinese New Year Lighting.

Till next time. Thank you and have a nice day. Stay safe.

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36 Responses to Random Photo Shoot 3

  1. k says:

    i don’t know any stations in the west coast… how about tanah merah?

  2. Panther says:

    Lakeside MRT. Definitely not Boon Lay lol.

    Plaza Singapura’s new toy shops are all expensive stuff, so no point going unless you are looking for figures that have all been sold out at the usual places. They do offer rental space for selling figures though, even for small-time figure collectors that want to sell their stuff.

    In the mirror image you are near the top lol.

  3. Chappy says:

    My guess is Lakeside Mrt as well. Pass by there every morning. XD
    Haven’t had the chance to visit plaza sing these days so maybe will go down this saturday.

  4. James says:

    Yum food is yummy 😮

    Nice pics 🙂

    Are you using the same lens than for the figure or another one for random shot ?

    I’ll should take pics of where i live too , this way you can be happy living where you are ^^ (France sux ^^)

  5. chun says:

    *sigh* want to go back to SG sometime ^^;

  6. phossil says:

    You were wearing black in the pic of the mirror on the ceiling. Lol.
    The young ones stare at you while taking the photo??

  7. Loba says:

    Yea lakeside, you can see the cheers below the station itself. Interwinding tracks is at jurong east.

  8. jusuchin85 says:

    Nice shoots; reminds me of Danny’s (A Week in Tokyo series) ^^

    I remember taking the MRT when I was in Singapore 3 years’ back. Really efficient and punctual. The bus-train linking system is really something our country should emulate. Just one thing: are the people very courteous at the stations? I mean, do they line up and allow disembarking passengers to go out first? We don’t really have that much of courteousy here, even if the trains are manually driven *coughs* KTM *coughs*

    So obvious that you’re the one squatting down and aiming the camera at the top-near-center-at-the-left side ^^

    Are figures cheap down there? Thought that if it were, then I would collect a bunch and come down for a purchase or two ^^ I heard that Pixie Hiyori is banned in Malaysia unless you pay sky high for customs (something Divine did, I think) ^^

  9. MrMayat says:

    Taking pics in MRT stations and shopping centers? You sir, are a law breaker. 😛

    If you’re caught by security, you could always feign the “I’m a tourist” act. Darn double standards…

  10. Neutrinos says:

    Lakeside! If u live near there, u r near me too =)

  11. gordon says:

    @ k,
    tanah merah is in the east. i’m in the west. anyway hope u enjoyed your holiday down south. next time can consider dropping by singapore. ^^

    @ Panther,
    simply toys is alright. i’m a member anyway. the rest of the shops there selling anime figures and such are kinda costly. avoid if possible.

    @ Chappy,
    u live nearby as well? cool.

    @ James,
    am using the same 18-55mm kit lens. thinking of getting a new lens soon.

    @ chun,
    yes u should. i have lots of stuffs for u to autograph. (‘~’)

    @ phossil,
    i don’t know. didn’t notice. ^^

    @ Loba,
    bingo. cookie for u?

    @ jusuchin85,
    train commuters here aren’t exactly courteous. hate it when everyone just want to rush into the train without letting alighting passengers out first.

    figures sold out first here. mostly people here will place pre-orders.

    @ MrMayat,
    a few MRT staffs saw me taking pis and they didn’t even question me or anything. as for pretending to be a tourist, i can always try my Russian accent.

    @ Neutrinos,
    i live at jurong west st 41. feel free to stalk me.

  12. FatB says:

    Nice pics, but where are the cute girls?

  13. andra says:

    Very nice photos!

    that tomato and friends in bowl is from Xin Wang? Havent try that restuarant yet although i was see it ^^; That chicken bowl looks like from the oldies days!

  14. Blurmage says:

    Pro photography! :3

    And yeah, Lakeside MRT station

  15. Lene says:

    Wahh, your pictures look so pretty ;_;

    Makes me want to visit Singapore one day. I had a friend that studied at Nanyang Tech for a semester :3

  16. Persocom says:

    Nice pictures ^^ The area you live in looks so nice compared to around here. Are the trains pretty quiet? I live just far enough from the train tracks to not feel the vibrations from them but some nights when it’s clear and calm they’re really loud and annoying.

  17. yumeno says:

    You should try out the Indo food at Riverside in Plaza Sing, it is awesome.

  18. optic says:

    Impressive Chinese New Year Lighting.
    I see none of that here. -_-

  19. Chappy says:

    Me lives at Jurong West St 93, pretty near. Glad to know that the famous blogger is living near me! ^0^

  20. Gunstray says:

    Your near the exit sign in the ceiling shot, and I think a security guard is looking at you.

  21. Pyoro says:

    i wanna say something meaningful, but words escape me.
    hmm i got nothing on me!

  22. Blowfish says:

    “Good to be young”
    You sound like an old Trooper there! ^^

    I know that you arent that Dude squatting down to take the shot! You are that dude pushing the buggy with the kid! You cant escape my divine analytical eyes!

  23. gordon says:

    @ FatB,
    i’m the cute girl. *blush*

    @ andra,
    yes it’s Xin Wang. food is ok.

    @ Blurmage,
    another cookie for u for guessing lakeside.

    @ Lene,
    will love to meet u and lester. we can go trooping together. ^^

    @ Persocom,
    the trains here emits noise but it’s tolerable i guess. not much vibrations as well i believe.

    @ yumeno,
    sure. your treat?

    @ optic,
    not even in chinatown?

    @ Chappy,
    lol. famous? lol. thanks for your address. i shall stalk u from today onwards. street 93 is some distance away from me but no biggie. no distance is far enough to stop me from stalking. there’s going to be a new train station near u i believe.

    @ Gunstray,
    no worries. my jedi mind tricks works everytime.

    @ Pyoro,
    just say i love u will do.

    @ Blowfish,
    lol. u win. u win.

  24. soonkiong says:

    MRT stations in Singapore are so CLEAN! I hate taking trains here in KL. -_-

  25. soonkiong says:

    You should do more of posts like this! Going to Singapore for a short trip this May and need some recommendations on where to go etc.

  26. gordon says:

    @ soonkiong,
    coming alone? if time permits i can always show u around. ^^;

  27. Kai-San says:

    Wow, the last time I visited Singapore was almost a little over half a decade ago. I’m thinking of going back to visit my friends and family once I renounce my citizenship. Can’t return now because of NS 😦

    What station’s are those? I can’t recall lol


  28. PP says:

    Dear stormtropper person,

    I dont’ see any stormtropper anywhere… 😦 you lies. Why is there an MRT instead of some intergalactic ship?

    Also , only humans? where’s the rest of the aliens? i thought we lived in a universe where all race are equal?

    I think you steal the photos from elsewhere

    Regards ,
    Random passer-by and Mr 😀

  29. NoisyLittleGirl says:

    i haven’t gone to lakeside for quite a while.
    i always thought it was a straight road there O_O

  30. marvinryan says:

    that’s strange, I’m sure I posted a comment here before, anyway just wanted to say I see you on the upper part of the picture. ^^;

  31. Ichiro Ino says:

    nice place is nice…


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