501st Legion Storms Temasek Polytechnic

The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison starts the new year with their first trooping event of 2009 at Temasek Polytechnic’s Open House.

I guess many would have guessed which one is yours truly from his pose so instead this time I’ll ask what difference do you notice about TK8316 now?

Mini Boba Fett was a hit with the female droids.

Yours truly following the boss around.

This event also sees 3 of our Sand troopers in action.

Not that I’m boasting, but our Sand troopers do look very cool with their weathered grubby look.

I couldn’t get my eyes off the super cool Sand trooper backpack of my seniors.

Local celebrities were present as well. The one in blue is Adrian Pang, the one in purple is Celest Chong who was so excited to see us (or rather just Vader), she even planted a kiss on our dark lord. The one on the far right is Fiona Xie, a pity I didn’t capture her get a shot with her. 😦

Our resident mini trooper was there as well. Also a hit with the crowd, mostly the girls.

Vader takes a ride in the golf cart.

Didn’t end up too well.

Finally the usual group shoot as part of the mission debrief. Thanks to fellow brothers and sisters of the Legion who helped in the event and photographing as well.


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24 Responses to 501st Legion Storms Temasek Polytechnic

  1. Pyoro says:

    times like this i wonder what’s up with NUS’s lackluster open houses….

    and ewww, celebrities and their outlandish wardrobe

  2. Celebrities which I dont even know.

  3. YuKi-To says:

    Oh wow more celebrities and even u guys were there for this year’s open house…. if only it was like this for the previous years before I left TP ^^;
    Hm… now I know where my school fees went… =P

  4. jusuchin85 says:

    Cool, another outing! The Imperial army is at the open house ^_^

    Celebrities are awesome, but what’s with the outfit? Is it really hot down there?

  5. Blurmage says:

    OMG….!!! Celest Chong looks pretty in RL a not? lol

  6. Panther says:

    Who gives a shit about the celebrities lol. Oh and as for what is different, you now have a patch on your right arm.

  7. phossil says:

    The abdominal part in your armor is different??

  8. Hangmen says:

    Seems Anakin’s (aka Vader’s) Jedi powers has its way with the ladies.

  9. nutcase23 says:

    It’s an invasion!!! Singapore’s education centers are being taken over in an offensive!!!

  10. TP says:

    Regardless of my nickname’s similarity with the institution-in-question:

    If this were a GTA: San Adreas (forget GTA: IV, it’s not a fun game), you’d be getting “+ Respect” for upping the legion’s street cred.

    All’s well that ends well. (Well, we’ve not heard of any instance of Force Chokes yet, haven’t we?)

  11. Marianto says:

    Hey I was wondering if the lightsaber that the darklord is holding, is the force fx lightsaber?

    While I am still on the topic of lightsabers, this is an awesome fan-made lightsaber brawl I have ever come across..

    Thought it be cool to share ^^

  12. Rin says:

    Little sotrmtrooper off springs to continue the stormtrooper legacy!!!!!!
    So much Star Wars….my brain is on an overload…

  13. AK says:

    Wish I were there Gordon. Sorry I couldn’t make it.

    Damn, missed my chance to meet Adrian Pang too…

  14. FatB says:

    So, if you press one of your new multiple bellybuttons, does your codpiece fall off?

  15. gordon says:

    @ Pyoro,
    depends on your student union right? we will be happy to troop in your school for any star wars related events.

    @ Kairu Ishimaru,
    c’mon everyone knows fiona xie and her big eyes. unless u are not local. ^^;

    @ YuKi-To,
    not about about the stars but the 501st Legion takes no money. We troop for free as long as it’s charity or star wars related.

    @ jusuchin85,
    the weather is alright. good thing it’s windy and cloudy so not hot at all.

    @ Blurmage,
    she looks pretty alright.

    @ Panther,
    had that patch on since the last trooping mission. it’s our garrison patch.

    @ phossil,
    bingo! just attached my abdomen armour plate. ^^

    @ Hangmen,
    apparently girls like guys with a long lightsaber. (‘~’)

    @ nutcase23,
    we got tipped off the hidden rebel base is here somewhere.

    @ TP,
    does your nick has any significant meaning other than sounding like the institute in question?

    @ Marianto,
    yes it’s the force fx lightsaber but our vader modified it with a stronger red led and new tube. the default light aren’t bright enough.

    @ Rin,

    @ AK,
    that’s alright, class is more important.

    @ FatB,
    wanna try?

  16. Blowfish says:

    Oh boy ho boy how id like to wait for you guys in a dark ally and rob your armour ^_^

  17. Lene says:

    Aww, the little Boba Fett and Clone Trooper are so adorable!

    I think one of the Sand Troopers I saw at the parade I was at a while back made his backpack out of tupperware. It was awesome 😀

  18. Pyoro says:

    lol flona xie’s assets leaves a lot to be desired even if she’s popular and all.

  19. andra says:

    oh no I was stuck in clementi ;_;

    The little troopers are cute!

  20. Gargron says:

    I always wonder how realistic the costumes look. And the lightsaber looks amazing.

  21. M1sfit says:

    Beware the heavy rebel presence in TP.

  22. blauereiter says:

    Don’t take over my beloved polytechnic, please. :p What were you guys doing there, just out of curiosity ?

  23. gordon says:

    @ Blowfish,
    please promise to be gentle.

    @ Lene,
    tupperware? cool.

    @ Pyoro,
    that’s her selling point.

    @ andra,
    clementi? going for SP or NP’s open house?

    @ Gargron,
    the 501st Legion takes pride in making our armour as best as we can.

    @ M1sfit,

    @ blauereiter,
    we were there to promote the clone wars TV series.

  24. Leefe says:

    Next time come NYP promote! I’ll be there to support you LOL

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