Christmas Kettling Week 2 and Imperial Birthday Party

This week TK8316 continues his Christmas kettling and attended a Birthday Party.

TK8316 caught goofing around with his superior.
He is awarded 7 extras (aka detention).

She’s doing the same pose as me. ^^;

Speaking of poses. How do you find this week’s poses? Last week’s poses with the blaster wasn’t that cool so this week decided to do without the blaster. Feedback are welcomed.

The three Salvation Army helpers. The girl in glasses is cute. ^^;

Doing the V sign.

Lovely gaijin girl.

Thumbs up. Banzai!


Hmm.. Lovely droid.

Another lovely droid taking a picture of the friendly trooper.


Yesterday, Lord Vader brought a small band of troopers and a booty hunter to a Birthday Party of a fellow trooper’s son.

A group shot with the kids.
The kid on the extreme right is Luke Skywalker, our Vader’s son. Cute kid. ^^;

The birthday boy. He’ll make a fine addition to the Empire when he grows up.

One last shot in front of the Christmas tree before heading off to find the hidden rebel’s base. It’s another busy but fulfilling week. 🙂


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24 Responses to Christmas Kettling Week 2 and Imperial Birthday Party

  1. phossil says:

    The little Skywalker seems hard to handle and problematic for the biker scout. Lol!!

  2. YuKi-To says:

    Mmm.. more lovely droids eh? Wheres the kira trooper? ^^

    Finished my movie and arrived at the Raffles City SC ard 6.15pm yest… didnt see any troopers ard, guess I was too late.. orz D:

  3. GNdynames says:

    I don’t know why but that short TIE pilot standing beside TK8316 makes me want to laugh… (the second picture)

  4. k says:

    i want a shock trooper outfit…..

  5. Panther says:

    Aw. Kid must have been happy…wait. Did he ask Darth “are you my father?”

  6. Does the 501st Legion have a pink Vader like personnel like this?

  7. Anjerasu says:

    Haha coolness, good work lads.

  8. Danny Choo says:


  9. chun says:

    awww that’s neat! 😀

  10. Persocom says:

    those are awesome pictures, and looks like a fun thing to do. salvation army is awesome they give great food to the homeless

  11. gordon says:

    @ phossil,
    young skywalker is adorable. he’s active but he doesn’t make noise at all unlike other kids who like to shout and yell.

    @ YuKi-To,
    oh that’s too bad. my senior has another shift at 7pm so we have to leave at 6pm.

    @ GNdynames,
    TK8316 is doing the V sign behind his helmet. TK8316 will be disciplinary deal with.

    @ k,
    and join the japan 501st? ^^;

    @ Panther,
    glad u asked. kid doesn’t talk much but vader did say “I’m your father.” ^^;

    @ The Sojourner,
    lol. not very movie accurate but a welcoming addition!

    @ Anjerasu,
    thanks. it’s for a good cause plus we get to enjoy ourselves.

    一名ベイダーなる十分に。 sorry for the bad sentence structure. boba will definitely be easier for u to move around. ^^;

    @ chun,
    thanks. ^o^

    @ Persocom,
    yup. we have been doing charity work for them for years already. including flag day funds raising as well.

  12. andra says:

    that ust be one great birthday party for those kids! ^^ doing work for charity, must really feel good right?

  13. Rin says:

    Really nice…
    Maybe I’ll join the empire someday…
    It seems that you guys always have a fun time!!!!!!

  14. Darknight says:

    Your droids are awfully cute… That birthday boy looks overwhelm with joy…

  15. sbhboi says:

    Lucky day for u bro, the day bro didn’t bring the weapon, is the day a cute girl with glasses copying bro’s pose. Be happy for a while then.


  16. Luke looks like he’s wandering off. 😛

  17. chun says:

    and PS: Gordon, the secret packet finally arrived lol (if U haven’t already seen)

  18. Hangmen says:

    This year, I did a military cosplay in a local event called Hobbycon. I was the only one in the event to have an original theme. The rest are all copypasta shounen cosplay (Naruto, Bleach, and all that popular crap). Sure is great to have a squad of men like you do.

  19. Hynavian says:

    Ah there are more Starwar characters this round. You’re having fun while doing a good cause and that’s admirable. (::

  20. gordon says:

    @ andra,
    yup sure is. ^^

    @ Rin,
    it’s a promise then!

    @ Darknight,
    of course. it’s not often that your dad is a trooper. ^^;

    @ sbhboi,

    @ Coco the Bean,
    he can’t keep still. ^^;

    @ chun,
    saw it at your doll blog. finally!

    @ Hangmen,
    wow that’s good to hear.

    @ Hynavian,
    thanks. it’s a great way to meet new people as well.

  21. alafista says:

    I think I rather donate to the cute girl than stormtrooper TK8316 =P

  22. Sandy-kun says:

    Lots of dorids, heh??!

  23. 6pack says:

    cool. where do you get the costume from. the one’s i’ve seen range from USD 70 – 800 and both of them look different. :S
    also the 501st legion website says to make your own trooper costume in order to join. is it necessary, i’m too dumb to make my own.

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