One Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero Hits Get (Again?)

Haruhi-sama, always relevant.

I received a call from the Ministry of Web Statistics yesterday. They informed me that my WordPress stats counter hit 100,000 and will soon be liable to pay tax.

The stats are based on this WordPress blog and not combining stats from my previous blog, which I ditched in August this year and moved on to this current one. I have Danny to thank who convinced me to make the move as the old blog’s comment captcha is really annoying him. I’m glad I did as is a much better platform even with its restrictions.

A look at the top posts that generated the most views shows some interesting finding. The top 4 are ecchi posts. Hmmm… Anyway the weekly episodic posts on the second season of Gundam 00 are also doing quite well. I’m thankful since this is my first attempt at doing episodic reviews, or rather pictures with silly captions.

Akismet is doing it's job well.

Lastly special thanks to regular readers, occasional readers, spam bots and fellow comrades. Be sure to be here if this humble blog manages to survive the financial crisis and hits the next milestone a million hits, maybe in 2011?


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59 Responses to One Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero Hits Get (Again?)

  1. alafista says:

    Wohoo banzai!! Onwards to global domination!

  2. phossil says:

    Hurray!!! Following your steps surviving the cloud!!

  3. YuKi-To says:

    Grats comrade! love ur silly captions 😀

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  5. justpassingby says:

    congratulations 😀
    that’s why your Gundam 00’s captions rock

  6. Loba says:

    Tax? Who gets the tax money? Taxpayers?

  7. k says:

    what about tax deductions? liable? ^^. congrats dude!

  8. Panther says:

    Wait what, a second 100K milestone so soon? I suck. 😦


  9. PP says:

    @panther, you need storm trooper armor

  10. kazearashi says:

    Congrats for another 100k hits! xD

  11. xJAYMANx says:

    @G: Congrats! Since image hits are often lumped together with page hits, aren’t page views more accurate? Don’t worry, as of today, your blog’s value has updated to $7307.3 USD, lol. And is right behind you at $5752.4 USD, what? ^_^

  12. Squee says:

    SPAM Droid reporting in.
    Congrats ^^

  13. Hangmen says:

    Must I slit my own wrist to gain more traffic to my blog?

    In any case, congratulations for your 100000th blog visit, or should I say, my condolences for the tax?

  14. Marianto says:

    Congratulations on the current milestone. 1 million hits should not be difficult eh..? Gambatte ^^

  15. DS says:

    LOL…congrats on 100k, but the tax is for real? ^^;;

  16. LOL @ ecchi pics being in the top 4.

  17. gordon says:

    @ alafista,
    lol i wouldn’t think of that.

    @ phossil,

    @ YuKi-To,
    glad to hear that.

    @ justpassingby,
    thanks, trying my best.

    @ Loba,
    probably the evil man in white.

    @ k,
    thanks for support.

    @ Panther,
    no u don’t u are doing fine what. all you need is 3D ecchi posts to sky rocket your stats. XD

    @ PP,

    @ kazearashi,
    thank you.

    @ Divine Fang,
    appreciated it.

    @ xJAYMANx,
    not sure how wordpress counts it but majority of my pics are hosted off site. US$7k? man i can really sell it off now. ^^;

    @ Squee,
    my favourite droid. now go do your work. ^^;

    @ Hangmen,
    posing in a bikini might help.

    @ Marianto,
    after i hire more spam droids maybe. ^^;

    @ DS,
    of course. u mean it’s not? have i been scammed? O_O

    @ Coco the Bean,
    thanks. maybe i should do more ecchi posts? ^^;

  18. Ryo-Base says:

    Good job comrade Gordon, I will follow your footstep someday (with no tax).

  19. andra says:

    weeeeee congrats! ^^ what kind of tax is that? ^^;

  20. chun says:

    congratulations gordonator! 😀

  21. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    OOOH. Look at all those spams!

  22. lol. Look at the kind of posts that are bringing in the counts. Now I know the secret to getting counts.

  23. Persocom says:

    congrats on 100k hits ^^ I’m going to be making the transition to wordpress for the new year from the looks of things, I’m testing it out and so far I like it

  24. Wow! 100 Hits!! Congrats!!! Envy you haha 🙂 I hope too will reach that number soon~ cheers!

  25. Rin says:

    Congrats on hitting 100000 hits!!!!!
    I have a long ways to go before I can catch up to you…
    I usually get the same amount of people viewing my site everyday…
    Still, be sure to keep doing the Gundam 00 posts!!!!!

  26. koshiko says:

    100k hit is definitely a milestone, I probably haven’t gotten even half of that with all my hits from past attempts at websites or blogs combined xD;;

    Just curious, but did you use to count your hits?

    I’ll be looking forward to 100k page views~ ;3

  27. Danny Choo says:


  28. DS says:

    no gordon, I just never thought that the SG government would put a tax on a blog ^^;;

  29. yumeno says:

    So it’s 200k, total? Congratulations!

  30. sbhboi says:

    Banzai Comrade ! Next level : 200,000 hits to level up.


  31. Pyoro says:

    bleh late again! congrats all the same!

  32. Mizunaga says:

    Oh wow. Congrats on second 100k hit XD

  33. super rats says:

    Ecchi posts are popular? Say it ain’t so!

    Congrats on the milestone.

  34. gordon says:

    @ Ryo-Base,
    looking forward to your ner blog then.

    @ andra,
    u will soon find out.

    @ chun,
    thanks. ^^;

    @ Kairu Ishimaru,
    maybe i can celebrate when the spam counter hits 10,000 as well.

    @ The Sojourner,
    i thought u will already know that. *wink*

    @ Persocom,
    good move. looking forward to that.

    @ AnimeVocalist,
    i’m confident u will. just a matter of time. good luck.

    @ Rin,
    yours is great as well.

    @ Danny,

    @ DS,
    it’s the same. they are monitoring the internet anyway.

    @ yumeno,
    no just based on wordpress, without combing blogger.

    @ sbhboi,
    i like to do it in tens, like 10,000, 100,000 so next target is 1000,000. a far away target…

    @ Pyoro,
    no not at all. thanks.

    @ Mizunaga,
    thanks. i feel this 100,000 get is more significant as compared to the last since it’s purely wordpress.

    @ super rats,
    it is so! haha. thanks.

  35. omisyth says:

    I thought this was a reference to OK GO ;_;. Oh well, congrats!

  36. Z says:

    Congrats Gordon! Keep it up! Any ambitious goals for this blog?

  37. Stifler says:

    You have to pay tax on WordPress???

  38. anjerasu says:

    w00t they go to such distance to even call. Anyways grats! p/s: the T word, makes my pocket almost empty.

  39. cavalock says:

    Congrats! how bout some cast-off figures?

  40. Timothy says:

    gratz im one of the occasional readers -_-

  41. Paliodor says:

    Congratz Gordon on this nice score ^^ . I’m usually on your blog 2-3 times in the week and here is always something interesting to look at or read 😉 .

  42. hika says:

    waa Congrats~

  43. G2 says:

    Wow! 100000 hits. Congrats!

    So there will be more ecchi posts coming soon? ^^

  44. Leefe says:

    Gratz on 100k hits; I want 10k at least! XD

    BTW why isn’t my site on your blogroll! :0

  45. Q says:

    Congrats on your milestone! lol your top 4 posts are all ecchi stuff… No comments there as I’m not a fan of it 😛

    Btw liking your episodic 00 ‘review’ there, especially when affiliated to several others’ together. Btw mind doing a blogroll? Already added yours to mine~

  46. gordon says:

    @ omisyth,
    lol. thanks. 🙂

    @ Z,
    to survive to 2011 to see the one million hit. ^^;

    @ Stifler,

    @ anjerasu,
    what T word?

    @ cavalock,
    yes i will love some castoff figures.

    @ Timothy,
    i value u as well.

    @ Paliodor,
    thanks for the support.

    @ hika,

    @ G2,
    well yes i’m planning something.

    @ Leefe,

    @ Q,
    added yours as well. ^^;

  47. meimi132 says:

    Mucho congratz on the score! But tax??? Tax????? :faints: lol I didn’t realise blogs pay tax when they get to a certain point lol.

    Oh, and the eyes weren’t drawn in cos I scanned them like that, so I could colour them easier in photoshop lol. Twas the lazy way, instead of inking the eyes too, then deleting that part of the image in photoshop…

    And I only *just* got what you meant by rotating them….. :sob: Gawd that was a blonde moment…. lol

  48. Saku says:

    Grats on the milestone but the tax is for real? I hope not.

  49. Mimi says:

    Woooo congrats!!! Whut a tax? Are you serious? Duuude a blog tax for having hits? O_o

  50. Marvin says:

    Congratulations Gordon! ^^

  51. aprilius20 says:

    Ecchi posts to draw blog hits? Don’t think I’ll ever do that… friends (the girls, at least) would massacre me=.=;
    Congrats anyway!

    p.s. Did you draw the Haruhi pic? It’s nice:)

  52. samejima says:

    A bit late but Congrats for having that much hits.
    Compared to yours, I still have 9k+ hits considering it’s already my year 2 of having the website.. It should be at least reaching 5-digits already. Orz

  53. Kona says:

    Wow, enough to pay tax! Congratulations, Gordon!!~~ XD
    Lol, and ecchi posts are always popular…-_-
    Ganbatte! I actually think you would maybe reach it in 2010. ^_^ (2011 feels so long ahead…)

  54. lovelyduckie says:

    A tax? Wow…I had no idea. Lucky for me I’m pretty low on the counter 🙂

  55. gordon says:

    @ meimi132,
    looking forward to your mascot’s completion.

    @ Saku,

    @ Mimi,
    *giggles again*

    @ Marvin,
    thanks buddy. ^^;

    @ aprilius20,
    nope, i didn’t drew her. got it from an image site which I forgotten where.

    @ samejima,
    go around the blogosphere and comment on others’ posts. it’s a good way to make friends.

    @ Kona,
    thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

    @ lovelyduckie,
    let me know if u want my spam bots help u out. btw how come your name doesn’t link to your blog?

  56. Sandy-kun says:

    Banzai Desuuuu!!!

    I think you shouldn’t wait for 2011 to get millions hit…It’s too long.. I guess it’ll be soon.. ^^

  57. James says:

    i am late but congratz oh great trooper !

  58. Technorino says:

    Lol at the top 5 pics

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