May’n Does Not See Herself as Anime Counterpart Sheryl

Young aspiring J-pop singer May’n, the vocal behind Sheryl Nome of hit anime Macross Frontier, was in town last week to perform at Anime Festival Asia. Before the concert, she had an interview with a local newspaper. When asked whether she feels like a Galactic Fairy like her anime equivalent, she replied,


“To me, Sheryl is self-assured, and she’s a top idol who’s unattainable and unreachable.”

“I’m very conscious of Sheryl’s image when I perform. But for myself, I want to be reachable, I want to be close to my fans.”

Those interested may read the full article here.

In related news, I attended May’n’s mini concert on day 2 of Anime Festival Asia. I really enjoyed myself. May’n put up a good performance. She sang all (7) of Sheryl’s solo songs from Macross Frontier, one of my favourite animes this year.

This pic is not taken by me. Serious!

Scenes from the anime were flashing through my mind when May’n was singing the songs. “Infinity” reminded me of the epic battle in episode 7, “Diamond Crevasse” of Michel’s heroic death, “Northern Cross” of SMS Macross Quarter’s break away from Frontier to seek their own destiny. If one is observant enough, one can also see that May’n is wearing a fold quartz earring on her right ear, just like Sheryl.

But sadly what was supposed to be an enjoyable event ended with a minor unhappy hiccup. Those who paid $118 for a good view of the concert were entitled to an autograph and a handshake with May’n after the concert. Many were expecting May’n to sign on their copy of her single or other related merchandises but was instead greeted with pre-signed shikishi.

Before moving on, shikishi literally means ‘colored paper’, a square board and is usually white. Japanese celebrities (and sumo wrestlers) usually sign (or doodle) on these shikishi and give to their fans. Alternatively fans may present a blank one for their idols to sign, in which case, the star may also address their signature to the fan by writing the fan’s name on it.

Please don’t make Sheryl cry.

Ok back to May’n, so a few fans that came with high expectation were disappointed and a debate ensued online. I will not go into further details by adding oil to fire. I will just like to say if it was me, I will gladly accept the shikishi cos a signature on a white surface is more prominent and easier to see as compared to say a black poster etc. May’n’s signature is so cute, she even drew <(^ω^)> on it.

You my little white squarish friend have caused quite an uproar.
Shikishi belongs to yumeno‘s cousin.

Maybe this will suffice?

Oh btw, if anyone is having doubts that the shikishi are photocopied, I can assure that they are definitely personally signed since I compared a few of them and they all look different.


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25 Responses to May’n Does Not See Herself as Anime Counterpart Sheryl

  1. Shin says:

    My countrymen’s rage on getting that whiteboard was hilarious, to say the least.

  2. DS says:

    and I was seeing her as a counterpart of Sheryl Nome ^^;;

  3. Leefe says:

    Lol rage-war is making my day.

    It’s all Grace O’ Connor’s fault. :3

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  5. sbhboi says:

    Huhu, a rage war just because fans didn’t get what they wanted eh ? That pretty much sound disappointing though, but a pre-sign Shikishi should be enough ba. =)

    & yes all fault goes to Grace O’Connor.



    The autograph session should have just handed the fans pineapple cakes instead. Everyone likes cake.

  7. Loba says:

    War. War never changes.

  8. FatB says:

    What? No May’n undies?

  9. hika says:

    well, May’n did debuted as a Jpop artist so i’m sure she would like us to support her as that*. Thou she had a big otaku fan base since taking on the singing role of Sheryl.

    & the photo at the new article is quite badly taken ~_~;

    As for the shikishi, i can also confirmed that each shikishi is different well slightly ^.^;
    I also think that having a shikishi is better than letting her sign on a CD or etc.. well unless u want to auction off the CD then its a different case ^.^;;

  10. chun says:

    lol at FatB 😛

  11. e-jump says:

    @sojo: the cake is a lie.

    I would not auction my items. And my blog post was just to express my dissapointment before i knew all the shikishi thing. Only the commentors in there stir shitstorm/rage-wars.

    Then again, thanks to it i got blog hits =__=

  12. MrMayat says:

    Arrest that photographer! May’N looks constipated in that pic. 😛

    I’ll be uploading my take in the coming days though…

  13. pus2meong says:

    As long as May’n it self who do the autograph, I will not complain much further.

  14. Setsuna-san says:

    @Shin: TRAITOR!! lolol

    anyway the debate is getting silly. what has been done is done and its time to get on with life.

  15. Raven says:

    Yeah her signature is really cute.

    Frankly this event has the most amount of debates, even on cosplay. There are some going even on my workplace’s intranet forum.

    But it seems like the rumors are true. Her LIVE is better than her records. Its only the poor equipment for the event, which ruined the concert to a certain degree.

  16. gordon says:

    @ Shin,
    this is the anime (or in general) blogosphere afterall.

    @ DS,
    as do i.

    @ Leefe,
    yes u are right. it’s all grace’s fault trying to bring down the anime blogosphere.

    @ sbhboi,
    well that depends on individuals. i’m totally cool with the shikishi.

    great idea. many camped there since 5pm until the end of the concert/shikishi hand out session after 8pm. must be starving.

    @ Loba,
    indeed. that’s why i always make love, not war.

    @ FatB,

    @ hika,
    regarding the picture in the newspaper article, it looks alright on paper but terrible online. could be they purposely make it look bad to prevent people from stealing it and doing haruhi-know-what with it.

    @ e-jump,
    well u should have foreseen this…

    @ MrMayat,
    lol she does not!

    @ pus2meong,
    exactly, how can one resist the cute thingy may’n drew?

    @ Setsuna-san,
    damage has already been done…

    @ Raven,
    damn, how come my company’s intranet isn’t as cool as yours?

  17. yumeno says:

    No photography was allowed due to people like me trying to upskirt/uppants/upeverything 😛
    And you may wanna link my cousin’s blog. ^^;

  18. yumeno says:

    Gah, sorry for posting again. Maybe it’s cause my comment didn’t load. >.< You can delete the 1st and this comment. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

  19. Q says:

    If I have watched Macross Frontier already I may have waged war with you ^^;; But nice ‘loot’ there!

  20. Ryo-Base says:

    I don’t know why people must complained with minor things just because of they did get what they wants. You walk home with May’N autograph (and doodle) better than nothing, seriously.

  21. Akiraman says:

    Seems like fun at least she is keeping it real looks like that whiteboard thing is really the talk of the AFA08

  22. gordon says:

    @ yumeno,
    thanks for the link. updated. partly also because they are afraid of fans posting un-glam pics of her online.

    @ Q,
    sadly that’s not mine. 😦

    @ Ryo-Base,
    maybe it’s the price they have to pay.

    @ Akiraman,
    it’s an misunderstanding.

  23. demonick_angel says:

    yo how’s the pre-autographed whitboard ^^.

  24. Kian says:


  25. Lixin says:

    Where do you buy the sighboard ?

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