007 Quantum Of Solace

After watching the lastest James Bond flick, I am happy to announce that my all time favourite bond girl is now M. :3


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24 Responses to 007 Quantum Of Solace

  1. nanopulp says:


  2. k says:

    movie still not out here … sigh..

  3. dood says:

    movie was meh.

  4. FatB says:

    So you like the old wrinklies do ya? You courage hunter, you.

  5. FatB says:


  6. frog212 says:

    o.O what’s your reason/logic behind this insanity?

  7. yumeno says:

    You cannot be joking.

  8. Hangmen says:


  9. gordon says:

    @ all,
    there’s only 3 prominent female roles in this movie, one is bond girl Olga Kurylenko, ya she’s hot and all but her character doesn’t really enhance the story. another is Gemma Arterton as MI6 Agent Strawberry Fields (what a name), a very minor character assigned to bring Bond back but ended up sleeping with him. the bed scene is uninteresting anyway.

    so that leave me with M. c’mon who else is powerful enough to cancel Bond’s credit card and revoke his license to kill. Plus M plays a meatier role this time round. not to mention well portrayed by Dame Judi Dench. ^^;

  10. Stifler says:

    Who is Bond? O.o

  11. Snake says:

    bond is the greatest spy of all times!

  12. optic says:

    I’m quite pumped for this movie actually. The trailer was kinda epic.
    I’m not surprised she’s ur fav. bond girl. She’s the only girl that appears in every bond movie. lol

  13. certinora says:

    With many talks around whom the best bond girl. It was clearly good supporting role been played by Olga Kurylenko she is out standing with the nightly look of her. She may be the next decade bond girl. So much technology put in to the movie Quantum of Solace and with http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com I have seen this perfect action bond 22 movie.

  14. FatB says:

    So let me get this straight. You like them old, wrinkly… and MEATIER? You’re a strange guy.

  15. Setsuna-san says:

    Technically, M is not classified a s a Bond girl but you have to admit that she is the only woman (other than Vesper) who could control Bond. Every other woman gets controlled by him.

  16. Emi says:

    I can’t wait to see it this weekend (hopefully tomorrow night). Nothing wrong with liking M in my opinion. I’d like to see her in hand-to-hand combat with Bond.

  17. phossil says:

    This movie will be released within next week over here.. 0_o

  18. Seo says:

    It is released TODAY here, I thought of going today and watch it but I don’t really like watching movie when there are a lot of people. But I will keep in mind this post while I am watching it…? haha

  19. gordon says:

    @ Stifler,
    bond is a debt security, in which the authorized issuer owes the holders a debt and is obliged to repay the principal and interest (the coupon) at a later date, termed maturity.

    @ snake,
    i like jason bourne more after watching the bourne movies. he’s so clever!

    @ optic,
    no not really. female M only appears since Goldeneye. before that it was all guys.

    @ certinora,
    thanks for coming.

    @ FatB,
    u rascal. XD

    @ Setsuna-san,
    metaphorically speaking of course.

    @ Emi,
    why would bond fight with his own boss? O_O

    @ phossil,
    u watching it?

    @ Seo,
    ok sure.

  20. Stifler says:

    I haven’t watched it yet, so I don’t really care. 😛

  21. bk201 says:

    What?!! OLD WOMEN?!?!

    Watched Casino Royale just days ago, ready to watch the new one.

  22. marvin says:

    not exactly a milf. but lol!

  23. blauereiter says:

    Long wait before I can watch it ! Bah !

  24. Jackson says:

    This is the last movie I have watched so far. Nowadays due to market tumble, everyone is trying to save more money. Wonder those blockbuster movie markers still make big profit from it. But anyway, I love this movie so much… ever since watched it for more than 3 times.. 😉 Let’s go to this place to watch for free.. http://www.fullmoviesonline.org

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