Tare-Danny Mirai and Haruka Shirt

It finally arrived this week. Those of you who frequent Danny’s blog will know what this shirt is all about. It’s drawn by Chun and I bought one as a form of support for the lass. Those interested to get their can get it here. (‘~’)

I was too shy to take a pic of myself wearing it so I got someone who is willing to wear it. ^^;


About sergeant gordon

TD8316, proud member of the 501st Legion 銀河帝国五〇一軍团。 Loves anime, Sasara, photography and looking for droids, pretty ones.
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29 Responses to Tare-Danny Mirai and Haruka Shirt

  1. zenical says:

    Meh I thought that’s you! >_>

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I love anime/manga but I’m just not willing to wear a shirt that has to do with my hobbies. Although I have no problems covering my notebooks in anime images.

  3. FatB says:


  4. k says:

    good thing the two of you are of the same size.^^

  5. That Image still scares me to the bones….
    Its those creepy eyes!

    I prefer Chuns Meow in a Box Shirt! Me wuvs kittys

  6. PP says:

    oo yaoi shirt exchange!

  7. Punk Trooper says:

    @TK-8316: One cure for shyness~ Wear the helmet, my friend, the helmet.

  8. chun says:

    Suspicious number 2 so this shy person when I feature his image he won’t mind?
    lol was it so long he has to tuck in? Very nice clear picture lol!

  9. soonkiong says:

    hmm tempting to get as well… what’s the size of yours gordon? Looks a bit oversized for the model…

  10. I was wondering why your face wasn’t covered up 😉
    I hope I’ll be able to get one of these shirts for myself soon.

  11. Danny Choo says:

    I see the face of a leader.

  12. Ryo-Base says:

    Man, I thought it was you in the pic (`д´)

  13. Otaku Dan says:

    i want one of those shirts

  14. gordon says:

    @ zenical,

    @ lovelyduckie,

    @ FatB,
    don’t think too much.

    @ k,
    ya. ^^

    @ Panther,
    u see nothing.

    @ flyingpussyfoot,
    lol. tare panda is like that.

    @ PP,

    @ Punk Trooper,
    maybe not this time.

    @ chun,
    he said he is ok with it. didn’t tuck in, just folded up.

    @ soonkiong,
    Size L.

    @ Coco the Bean,
    do get one, the shipping is fast, within a week.

    @ Danny,
    lol that’s too flattering. i’ll tell him that.

    @ Ryo-Base,

    @ Otaku Dan,
    then u know what u must do.

  15. Fariz Asuka says:

    Looks cool.. So did your friend wear it for the whole day??

    And initially I thought that was you Gordon.. xD

  16. Z says:

    Looking good on y… him there, Gordon! haha I see we share the same camera shy problem with ourselves ^^; ironically, we love taking photos of everything else xD.

  17. James says:

    Is it really not you ? i don’t believe it 😀

    Anyway the shirt is awesome ^^

  18. Rin says:

    I want that Tshirt!!!!!!
    Must go get it!!!!!!
    Awesome shirt!!!!!!

  19. phossil says:

    The good thing is 100% cotton..

  20. Q says:

    Somehow part of me am not convinced with your last sentence 😛

    Despite me not into Tare-panda, chun’s pic fits quite well with the t-shirt~ 😮

  21. andra says:

    oh god, I didnt know that this was for sale

  22. GNdynames says:

    帅呆了 XD

  23. TheFuzzy says:

    When I saw the pic, I blinked. I almost thought I forgot your face, then I realised it wasn’t you.

    Why no pic of GSG? 😦

  24. shiro says:

    This is good…

  25. gordon says:

    @ Fariz Asuka,
    hehehe. ^^;

    @ Z,

    @ James,
    i’m the photographer. ^^;

    @ Rin,

    @ phossil,
    never really pay attention to that.

    @ Q,
    believe it or not. ^^;

    @ andra,
    check out danny’s post and chun’s web for more info.

    @ GNdynames,
    是的,那 T-shirt 帅呆了!

    @ TheFuzzy,
    i believe we haven’t meet yet. we will one day. 🙂

    @ shiro,
    good for?

  26. usagijen says:

    Tare People! Nifty design concept, I say. Now I feel like drawing a Tare-version of myself XD

  27. meronpan says:

    chun should make a version where they’re all asleep on top of each other ^_^

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