Zero No Tsukaima. An Impression

The third season of Zero No Tsukaima ended a month ago so this post is very late. Nevertheless with the three seasons still fresh in my mind, let me just pen down some of my thoughts before I delay any further.

I picked up the series three months ago and watched it daily. I have forgotten what exactly influenced me to watch it. Maybe it was the many figures of the pink haired tsundere protagonist or the various blog posts around the anime blogosphere.

I enjoyed the first two seasons more than the third season. Season three seems to be getting repetitive with the whole Saito getting beat up by Louise for looking at big-chested girls, Louise having low self-esteem of her magical ability and worrying that Saito might leave her. I also find that the amount of echiness is more than the first two seasons, which can be rather distracting.

Below is a run-through of the characters that left an impression on me.

A modern day average boy who was summoned by Louise as her familiar. Saito seems to possess a charisma that attracts girls to fall for him.

The princess of Tristain who eventually becomes the Queen. I like her simply because she look so kawaii~.

The captain of the Tristain musketeers who debuts in the second season. I admire strong resolute female characters. Too bad she had very limited screen time in season 3.

A busty innocent elf who rescued Saito at the end of season 2. Doesn’t play a significant part in season 3 other than distract Saito with her assets. Somehow she reminds me of Mikuru. Not sure why.

Tabitha (Tabasa)
Short blue hair, megane, doesn’t speak much, talented. She’s the carbon copy of Yuki Nagato! She’s the last person I would expect to fall for Saito but ya it happened.

Another one of my favourite characters in the series. A cheerful and beautiful girl who works as a maid at the magic academy. She has a crush on Saito and believes she will make a better lover as compared to his abusive master, even going as far as resorting to using seduction to win his affection. Why doesn’t this happen to me?

Louise’s seiyu also voices Nena in Gundam 00.


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19 Responses to Zero No Tsukaima. An Impression

  1. k says:

    is that setsuna in the last pic?

  2. Garion says:

    Hey me using that first image as a wallie now! ^^

    I love ZnT as a whole, but yeah agree that 3rd season somewhat of a let down…compared to the first two its quite weak and really more fanservicey….and no offence but I really dislike Siesta in Season 3 due to her actions (I think she’s one of my least fave characters now).

    Many fans say there’ll be a Season 4 (probably airing next year) since the light novels are still running. But I hope it won’t be like Season 3. Out of all the seasons I think I like Season 2 the best.

    Kugimiya Rie seems to have made a name out of herself by voicing tsundere characters…her latest is Aisaka Taiga in Toradora! which is somewhat like a mashup of Shana and Louise. ^^ Besides Gundam 00 she also voices Yuuhi in Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka (which I haven’t watched yet)

  3. Gunstray says:

    Ummm….? Whats with the picture of setsuna and nena making out 0_o?(that almost gave me seizuers)

  4. Otaku Dan says:

    season three felt kind of boring because most of if was pretty much setting the story up for the fourth season(if they make one).

  5. Belela-san says:

    Louise’s seiyu voices also “Taiga” from Toradora which fits perfectly, you’ll see Louise a lot in those series believe me ^_^, she also appears on Akane-iro you probably won’t notice it at first but let her character get pissed off you’ll definitely notice her XD.

    I just watch Zero no Tsukaima for pure fun, not hoping for a good story or good animation just for pure fun XD

  6. Rin says:

    LOL at the last pic…
    Setuna X Nena…LOL!!!!!!!
    I did like the series but it’s just getting long now…
    Fourth season I think coming soon…

  7. Snark says:

    Looks kinda cute…might look into this series now ^^

  8. Sandy-kun says:

    Honestly, i didn’t watch ZnT at all. Well, i just watch their few episodes in the 3rd season. And hey. I regret i’m not watced them…
    I hope i have free time beside my college schedule.. –”

    And hey! I love that Henrietta-Hime in a first sight!! She is too damn kawaii! I saw her at the 3rd episode if i’m not mistaken..??

    What with that Setsuna lurking there?? lool

  9. optic says:

    Am I the only person who thought Season 3 was better that 1 and 2?
    Ah Tabitha. I’m looking forward in seeing more of her in Season 4 (if ever). I wanna see her more as a main character rather than a side one. ^^

  10. gordon says:

    @ k,
    setsunna will never kiss a girl. ^^;

    @ Garion,
    i like season 2 too. the storyline is more focus.

    @ Gunstray,
    making out? it’s only a kiss. lol. and btw my firefox always hangs when i visit your blog. >.<

    @ Otaku Dan
    there will confirm be a 4th season.

    @ Belela-san,
    i watch ZnT for pure fun as well until season 1 and 2 got me hooked. 😀

    @ Rin,
    it’s not long really. only 12 episodes per season.

    @ Snark,
    go for season 1 and 2.

    @ Sandy-kun,
    yes Henrietta-Hime did appear in Season 3 episdoe 3.

    @ optic,
    by the looks of things, maybe we can expect to see a more talkative Tabitha in the next season? ^^;

  11. Q says:

    I remember seeing the last pic before, but this time I laughed ’cause you got the original reference pic up as well.

    Haven’t watched any of ZnT before. I guess a 4th season will be inevitable just like how Shakugan no Shana with possible 3rd season?

  12. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    The first season is MUCH much good than any other seasons.

  13. Asch says:

    The first season was easily the best and the second was just epic. The 3rd felt like they were running out of ideas.

  14. puppy52doll says:

    lol I think I watched a little bit but didn’t continue ^^;

  15. Saku says:

    First season is the best. Second season is still good but 3rd season is pretty mediocre and it’s getting repetitive. ^^

  16. gordon says:

    @ Q,
    yes, there will most probably be a 4th season.

    @ Kairu Ishimaru,
    2nd season is great too.

    @ Asch,
    i find fan service too much in season 3. a little is fine.

    @ chun,
    too busy or not your type?

    @ Saku,

  17. GNdynames says:

    “…even going as far as resorting to using seduction to win his affection. Why doesn’t this happen to me?”

    This doesn’t happen to me neither…

    *runs away crying*

  18. Alex says:

    haahahaha i realized that zero no tsukaima is a carbon copy of the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya hehehe

    Tiffania is kawaii!

  19. i seriously seriously hope ther is a fourth series but it looks unlikly unless it is planned for an autumn release whereas all the others were released in july. yea i was really disheartened when i noticed there was no ZNT4 in the summer line up as that was what i was looking forward to. Also if it does come out is persuade my fansubgroup to sub it as we are fast at it ^^ adios

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